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Gabicci SS20: Since 73′

Inspired by the seaside town of the same name on the East coast of Italy that founders Jack Sofier and Alex Pyser visited on holiday some time in the 1970s. When they were there they couldn’t help but notice how effortlessly cool some of the local residents of the town looked.


Armor Lux: 80 Years Of French Nautical Style

A piece known for its versatility and effortless French chic that forgoes fashion trends. The nautical inspired colours, cotton construction, and of course, the 21 stripes (each one apparently representing one of Napoleon’s victories). A favorite of Pablo Picasso and Coco Chanel, few items sum up French pride and stylistic prowess more than the Breton shirt.


The Lacoste L.12.12 Polo Shirt: A Modern Classic

It’s difficult to imagine a world without polo shirts. They can be seen worn by people of all ages, from all walks of life. Your Granddad probably wore one and style icons like James Dean was also a fan. Few have been able to escape the polo shirt’s elegant, sporty charm. There’s no doubt about it, it’s a classic and considered by many to be a solid staple in men’s and women’s wardrobes today. Hitting that perfect sweet spot being dressier than a t-shirt but more casual than a button up shirt. There are few items of clothing more loved and well respected than the humble polo shirt. Which is the most famous of them all? Everyone has their favourites. But what we can say for sure was which one came first and that was the Lacoste L12 L12 Polo shirt.


Gramicci SS20: What To Expect

At some point in the 1970s, Mike ‘Gramicci’ Graham, the founder of outdoor and climbing gear gone streetwear icon brand Gramicci, took part in an ‘all-Italian’ ascent of the formidable Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, California. Directly following the climb, Mike was inspired and decided to take on the nickname ‘Gramicci’.

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Limited Edition Paradise Lost & Dance Of The Dead

Dance of the dead is a late medieval allegory on the universality of death and how no one is immune to it. This concept is further developed for the design to help conceptualise that we all know that death is guaranteed and with this in mind, we should each live each day to our happiest and enjoy all that life has to offer on our unique journeys. The second shirt that arrives from this exclusive collection is Paradise is lost which also uses the concept of the universal power of death and the need for living life to the full. Using creative, detailed art work this concept is beautifully translated and executed.


Carhartt WIP SS20: What To Expect

Carhartt has been around for a while now (since 1889!) and as you can probably imagine they have developed and moved on a bit since then. However, Carhartt has not forgotten its roots and over its long history it has always strived to simply produce well-built, good-looking clothes. For SS20 we still see that acknowledgement of its heritage in workwear and later in underground street culture but with updated materials and subtle design details added.

Barbour x Engineered Garments 30/03/2020

Barbour x Engineered Garments SS20

The brainchild of Engineered Garments founder Daiki Suzuki who from a young age has had a deep affinity with the outdoor lifestyle and would often do everything he could to get outside and engage in outdoor activities when growing up in his home city of Hirosaki, Japan.


Knickerbocker: Leading The Charge For Sustainable Production

The consumer market today has changed. Customers are no longer satisfied with faceless companies relentlessly churning out product. More than ever consumers are being more purposeful with not only their clothing choices, but also who they buy their products from. They want to know how the garment was produced and where it has came from.


Gabicci x Stuarts London

Limited to just 50 pieces and for one time only, Stuarts London proudly present the Gabicci x Stuarts London Knit Polo which features the iconic striped design utilising the colours of the Stuarts London Logo. All the classic features of the Gabicci Knit polo are there including all over knit construction in a lightweight Cotton-blend. With the metal Gabicci badge on the chest overlaid on suede leather.

Baracuta x Sebago 19/03/2020

Sebago x Baracuta

Two iconic designs. Two creators. United through their dedication to design and craftsmanship. Sebago and Baracuta have joined forces in a celebration of their best loved designs. For Sebago, the Dockside Boat shoe and the Dan Penny Loafer and for Baracuta the iconic G9 Harrington Jacket. The Sebago penny loafer was one of their original designs along with the Dockside Boat Shoe which transformed the American man’s wardrobe and has been a staple ever since. Well known for their build quality and versatility the Dan Penny Loafer is just as... Read More