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Michael/Marche, Marrons, Poils Vache

The latest arrival from Paraboot sees a bold, show stopping style. Sticking to their iconic silhouette, the shoe has been given a unique twist. Created by the second generation of the Richard-Pontvert family, this iconic model was marked by the birth of Michael Richard in 1945. Renowned all over the world, it has proven to be timeless and suitable for any generation and style.



With a reputation for quality spanning over 80 years, Novesta are the go-to shoe of choice for those who want a classic canvas shoe that’s comfortable and full of character. The legendary European outfitter produces each shoe in the same way as they have done for the last 80 years out of their factory in Slovakia. Renowned for their build-quality, the shoes have earned a strong reputation with little change to their original designs and production techniques.


Red Wing, True Heritage

Red Wing, About The Brand For over a century, Red Wing has made boots for people who live life on their own terms. Thoughtfully adopted by those who are more concerned with quality and longevity than the latest fashion trend, our boots are worn by those who unfollow the crowd and pave their own way in the world. The man behind Red Wing is Charles Beckman. At the start of the 20th Century he noticed a demand for footwear specifically designed for demanding work industries such as farming or mining.... Read More


Top 7 Selvedge Denim Jeans

High-quality denim jeans that require more time-consuming production, selvedge denim is the go to choice for denim purists who love classic cuts and a raw, unwashed finish. Woven with a shuttle, it’s a much slower, traditional process that produces a higher-quality finish, and self-edges that don’t fray. Selvedge denim is known for being heavy-wearing, taking longer to soften and shape to the wearer’s body, but with time, it moulds to reveal your character, becoming a real product of your lifestyle. With so many selvedge jeans brands out there, at Stuarts... Read More

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Universal Works AW21: A Textured Modern Utilitarian Uniform

“Design starts at the kitchen table,” says Universal Works founder David Keyte. For David, even after 12 years and the company growing into a global presence, the designer says he only needs three things as he sits down to start the exciting and daunting task of beginning a new collection – a clear head, a clear desk, and a large coffee. Universal Works clothes have always stood out for their use of fabric and when first looking at a new collection it’s truly a full sensory experience – wildly different... Read More

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Norse Projects AW21: Coming To Stuarts London

The Nordic brand's minimally styled, well-made wardrobe essentials have catapulted them to the forefront of the menswear space where they have sat comfortably for quite some time now. Despite this widespread appeal and acceptance into the mainstream - the brand are uncompromising with their artistic vision, every season pushing their creativity, never settling. And with the release of their AW21 Campaign, it is clear to see that the clothing is just one part of the much wider artistic vision the brand wants to express.


ArkAir AW21 Coming To Stuarts London

ArkAir is the natural offshoot of Arktis, an outerwear brand known for making some of the most technically capable garments around, supplying to the special forces and emergency services since their start in 1985. ArkAir brings a more fashion-forward approach with the same cutting-edge garment technology of their mother brand.


Ma.Strum: Form, Fabric, And Function

Ma.Strum are a brand who constantly strive for innovation. With one eye firmly planted on the the right now and even the future – no one collection is the same. Specialising in technical outerwear, the UK based brand is looking to break convention with their innovative, function-driven pieces. Each design is the result of extensive research and development resulting in garments that explore, in particular, how the wearer engages with the garment and the garment’s protective abilities. Started in 2010 originally as a partnership with the Ma.Strum team and Italian... Read More

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Day Home, Eclectic and authentic. Arriving Soon.

DAY HOME was founded in 2005 by Marianne Brandi who is the creator of the collections, and her husband Keld Mikkelsen who founded DAY Birger et Mikkelsen in 1997. They had an urge to offer a style reflecting the brands universe and their personal attitude to interior. Since then DAY HOME has grown into its own brand, based on modern, Scandinavian designs, with an ethnic twist to it. The brands recognisable eclectic signature, where textiles is a strong mediator, between the more elegant approach of the furniture’s, lamps, and ethnicity of the décor, has been a recognisable part of the Scandinavian interior market, for almost 20 years. DAY HOME is offering a personal take on products based on eclectic and authentic ideas, crafted by hand in clean sustainable materials.


Puma x Butter Goods | ’90s Nostalgia

Sports company PUMA and Australian skate label Butter Goods are announcing a new partnership between the brands, set to launch Saturday. The two will come together for collections heavily inspired by nostalgia and the ‘90s. Founded in Perth, Australia in 2008, Butter Goods first began as a way to celebrate the love of music and skateboarding the founders grew up on. Those connecting to the nostalgia grew the brand’s worldwide community, and today the brand exists in a place where skateboarding and music collide, inspired by the different counter cultures... Read More