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The Denim Jacket We all have great memories of at some time in our lives wearing a denim jacket. Whether from the 60s, 70,s or an 80’s child. When men wore denim matching their acid was jeans and thought they looked so cool! Well denim has been in American usage since the late 18th century. The word comes from the name of a sturdy fabric called serge originally made In Nimes France, by the André family. Originally called serge de nimes, the name was soon shortened to denim was traditionally coloured... Read More


THE DESERT BOOT Today we endorse the desert boot. Specifically, the Clarks desert boots. It was introduced in 1950 by shoemaker Nathan Clark. Since his humble beginnings in 1825 in Street Somerset, the Clarks boot had a simple modern style with plantation rubber crepe sole and two eyelets for laces. And in the 60 years since Nathan Clark sparked a revolution in Desert boots himself inspired by this crepe-soled footwear, that his World War II military buddies bought in the dusty bazaars of Cairo, and though it debuted in peacetime,... Read More


BETTINA RHEIMS AND SERGE BRAMLEY’S  “ROSE C’EST PARIS” Bettina Rheims and Serge Bramly’s “Rose C’est Paris” is both a photographic monograph and a feature-length film on DVD. This extraordinary work of art, in two different but interlocking and complimentary formats, defies easy categorization. For in this multi-layered opus of poetic symbolism, photographer Bettina Rheims and artist Serge Bramly evoke the City of Light in a completely novel way: this is a Paris of surrealist visions, confused identities, artistic phantoms, unseen manipulation, obsession, fetish and seething desire. Equal parts erotica, fashion shoot,... Read More

Morning Out with the Buyer :

10:04am – ‘Stuarts London Buyer’  sets off for a meeting to view a new collection. Common People. “Common People” is a brand that isn’t about following the usual trends, instead the designs have been referenced back to the 60’s. The connection to the likes of Steve McQueen, Crosby, Nash, Young are all names given to the footwear. Each an iconic style and with heritage.  The Buyer happily informs me. (Sorry to keep saying ‘The Buyer’ , but he didn’t want his name mentioned. All very top secret …lol  I am... Read More


The deck shoe or boat shoes are another trend for this season, with half a dozen of the brands on the site producing their own fashion version of the popular leather or canvas shoe. The first deck shoe was invented in 1935 by Paul Sperry, founder of the Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes. Sperry took inspiration from how his dog ran over water and ice without slipping. He cut piping into his shoes soles giving the rubber sole more grooves with which to grip surfaces such as his wet boat. Deck... Read More


Carhartt is no less surprisingly a brand that you will come across at some stage. But its name is steeped in a vast American history, and easily Carhartt grew to one of the leading brands within the European Street wear scene. Carhartt was born in Detroit in 1889 and started life as a work wear label, the last 119 years have seen it grow to dominate American work wear. Following the assimilation of blue collar work wear by American youth in the late eighties Work In Progress started to import Union-made... Read More

Farah Vintage – New Season – New Collection

Farah Vintage is a brand that provides quality and function to keeping trendy this season. Most styles have been really popular this season be are begining to fear some of the stock will not make it to the Summer season. We only just asked for some replenishments and were told Farah have near sold out themselves. Get in quick if your into this brand as there may be a drought ahead.



SUNGLASSES So is there someone around who doesn’t like to sport a nice pair of sunglasses? The History of Sunglasses Tales of “sun cheaters”, among other unusual names, were spoken of back in the time of the Roman Empire, when the Emperor would cover his eyes with bits of emerald to help shade the sun from his vision. Milestones: 1300c Chinese judges wore smoked-coloured quartz lenses to conceal their expressions in court. 1430c Vision correcting darkened eye-glasses were introduced to Italy from China. 1700c James Ayscough believed that blue-green tinted... Read More


Did you know that the Fred Perry Brand was named after a Tennis player? Fred Perry   Fred Perry is considered by some to have been one of the greatest male players to have ever played the game.   Perry was a Table Tennis World Champion in 1929 and took up tennis at the relatively late age of 18. He had exceptional speed from his table tennis days and played with the Continental grip, attacking the ball low and on the rise. He was the first player to win all... Read More

What goes around comes around – by Sanyika Odieté

There’s a new Blogger in town, and Sanyika is our man on the road. Having a look at what’s going on out and about on the streets of London – Sanyika Reports It’s a well established fact in the world of fashion that what goes around comes around and this is certainly the case with the vibram soled brogue by Grenson. This well loved shoe has a strong history of over two centuries as it has been worn in many ways by many types and its latest style revival is... Read More