The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Christmas is quickly approaching, so our staff at Stuarts has put together a list of gifts that they believe will make wonderful presents this year. The gift guide has also been divided into parts to make it easier for you to purchase and to help you choose the ideal gift based on your individual needs.


Christmas Stocking Filler Guide

Looking for beautiful but good value stocking stuffers? We've gathered the top stocking stuffer ideas below in order to stuff everyone's stockings to the brim this Christmas. Christmas stockings are one of the most exciting holiday traditions that always brings happiness on Christmas morning, thus you can never be too old for one. If you still have holiday shopping to go, we've taken the stress out of stuffing stockings with these affordable yet thoughtful presents that are sure to brighten someone's day. These gifts would also make wonderful hidden Santa gifts.


Laboratory Perfumes – The Natural Science Of Scent

Laboratory Perfumes is a sustainable cosmetics brand that caters to both men and women. Our small, female-led company collaborates with local suppliers to make attractive, perfumed items that have a low environmental effect. We prioritise simple, recyclable packaging, with much of it meant to be recycled and have a more permanent role in your life.


Snow Peak, A Trip With Our Buyer

This week we followed our head buyer here at Stuarts down to the Snow Peak showroom. The showroom was a preview of upcoming AW22 apparel and accessories – as well as some of the core Snow Peak range. The showroom itself encompasses the Snow Peak brand with natural, raw wooden beams standing strong over the incredible range & merchandise. Low and understated, a wooden table frames the room with the BBQ sets, grills & accessories laid out. Around the room, the apparel is stylishly set out in a natural circular... Read More

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The Mephisto Rainbow: Style Meets Comfort

When Mephisto founder and designer Martin Machalei first drew up the designs for the Rainbow shoe – he set out to design the best shoe in the world. This is a bold claim to put on anything, especially with something as finicky as shoes. How do you define the ‘best’ shoe anyway? That’s what we’re here to explore.

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Universal Works AW21: A Textured Modern Utilitarian Uniform

“Design starts at the kitchen table,” says Universal Works founder David Keyte. For David, even after 12 years and the company growing into a global presence, the designer says he only needs three things as he sits down to start the exciting and daunting task of beginning a new collection – a clear head, a clear desk, and a large coffee. Universal Works clothes have always stood out for their use of fabric and when first looking at a new collection it’s truly a full sensory experience – wildly different... Read More

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Norse Projects AW21: Coming To Stuarts London

The Nordic brand's minimally styled, well-made wardrobe essentials have catapulted them to the forefront of the menswear space where they have sat comfortably for quite some time now. Despite this widespread appeal and acceptance into the mainstream - the brand are uncompromising with their artistic vision, every season pushing their creativity, never settling. And with the release of their AW21 Campaign, it is clear to see that the clothing is just one part of the much wider artistic vision the brand wants to express.


ArkAir AW21 Coming To Stuarts London

ArkAir is the natural offshoot of Arktis, an outerwear brand known for making some of the most technically capable garments around, supplying to the special forces and emergency services since their start in 1985. ArkAir brings a more fashion-forward approach with the same cutting-edge garment technology of their mother brand.