Superstar Laceless | ’80s Hip Hop in a Sneaker

Inspired by ‘80s hip hop style, these shoes feature a no lace design on top of the classic and timeless superstar silhouette. From the bustling streets of New York in the ‘80s where groups such as Run DMC weren’t just at the forefront of music but also pioneers of casual, street ready fashion. Among this pioneering of casual, considered street style was the now iconic superstar shoe. Now recreated with an exaggerated fat tongue and with the option to lace them or not, the shoe is perfect for those looking... Read More

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A.P.C. Tote Bags | Redefining Minimalist Design

From its humble beginnings in Paris, A.P.C has grown into a global brand and has notched up successful collaborations with the likes of Carhartt, Supreme, Brain Dead, and even the self-proclaimed Louis-Vuitton-Don; one of the most recognised, and adored figures in the fashion world – Kanye West. A.P.C are a brand which is known for its minimalist approach to design. One of the first items which really encapsulated that design approach is the A.P.C tote bag. It’s now iconic ‘A.P.C’ logo in an understated bold white or black font, can... Read More


adidas SL 72 | Born On A Podium

Making its debut on the world stage in 1972, the SL 72 was adidas first sneaker to feature the trefoil logo. The sneaker has been recreated to embody he same specifications as the original. SL stands for Super Light, and was the first member of this lightweight sneaker club. To this day the shoes are exceptionally lightweight, largely thanks to the nylon uppers and sleek construction which results in a clean and sporty style. Adidas have gone to great efforts to use the same fabrics that were used in the... Read More


Paul Smith | Iconic British Design

A brand and designer that should need no introduction. Paul Smith has been at the forefront of British fashion since the 1970s. The designer originally started in Nottingham, stocking other brands that could only be found in London but soon branched out into self-branded tailoring. Smith managed to traverse the difficult world of fashion ensuring his clothes always remained classic with an edge of fun. The designer has enjoyed a well-deserved mainstay status in British fashion. Creating both clean, modern tailored garments with an injection of colourful flare and branching... Read More


Edwin Jeans and The Story of Japanese Denim

Origin of Japanese Denim The history of Edwin jeans isn’t just a history of the brand but also of denim production in Japan itself. Japan post-war isn’t best known for its obsession with denim and American fashion in general, but a small movement of young men were determined to move away from the restrictive fashion of war torn Japan to embrace an international look. Part of this focus was on denim, and more broadly, the tough, work ready denim of America which was known for its strength and durability as... Read More


AMI SS20: What To Expect

ABOUT AMI was originally founded in 2011 by Parisian designer Alexandre Mattiussi. The brand offers a blend of casual and chic that is said to blur the boundaries. The stylish brand is named AMI, meaning friend in French, for its relaxed yet authentic approach to fashion. Each and every design reflects their values of this young, cool yet carefree identity and with every season, it just becomes more evident. After winning the ANDAM prize, one of the most prestigious awards in fashion, Alexandre continued his path to success and continues... Read More


Year Of The Metal Rat | Naked and Famous

The latest collection mirrors the Chinese New Year tradition and this year, it is the year of the rat. Within Chinese tradition, there are twelve Chinese zodiac animals that enter an annual cycle along with five zodiac elements: wood, fire, each, water and metal. Both elements, animal and elements are then combined every two years and this coupling will not repeat for another 60 years.The year of the rat symbolises a lot of things all of which are incorporated within the latest designs. January 25th sees the welcome of this new year, the metal rat. This combination symbolises wealth and the beginning of a new day.