2. Sneakers

Adidas Gazelle OG: Rich, Vibrant and Simple

The Adidas Gazell OG The Adidas Gazelle was introduced in 1968, The Dassler Brothers worked together and sharing ownership of what became Dassler Shoe Factory, the Dassler brothers fell out in 1948 and went their separate ways, Adi forming Adidas and Rudi forming Puma. It’s remarkable how two brothers became responsible for such sportswear giants. With a history as rich as that of Adidas, it’s maybe easier for Adidas Originals to delve into the archives and unearth icons than for most other brands as an all-around trainer, training/soccer shoe,  The... Read More

New Balance: A Shoe to Run In

New Balance It started in 1906, when a 33 year-old waiter named William J. Riley decided to build arch supports that relieved the pain suffered by people who spent all day working on their feet. It is believed that Riley came up with the name “New Balance” by observing chickens in his yard.  Chickens, with their three-clawed foot, had perfect balance. Arthur Hall became the first commissioned salesman in 1927. His design fit better, and felt better than anything else on the market, and by 1909 Riley was listed in the... Read More

Nike : Hyperfuse A/W 2011

Superior design is rooted in one belief – form follows function. With performance functionality at the core of product design, Nike has evolved the fundamental form of footwear since the Moon shoe debuted in 1972. What began as a traditional process of handsewn running shoes has evolved into a machine precision, heat pressurized system that utilizes advanced modern materials. Nike designers introduced Hyperfuse technology in 2010 in basketball. After observing the extreme wear-and-tear on footwear on the blacktop basketball courts of Beijing, the Nike design team employed the new innovation... Read More