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Time on the One Hand, and Precision on the Other: Tsovet Watches

Tsovet Watches Tsovet is a California bred watch brand for the young and stylish. Founded in 2008 by David Bonaventura. Inspired by vintage aviation gauges from the 1940s and ’50s, these uber-size fashion watches have some of the most distinguished looks of any watch in this particular price range. Drawing cues from vintage industrial gauges and avionics, the watches have a decidedly utilitarian look. In contrast, the watches are paired with thick leather straps and large faces which makes them dressy and relevant in today’s “big is better” world. By... Read More

Dr Dre: Beats Headphones: Listen to the Music the Way you Should

Beat Headphones: People are Going to Hear What the Artists Hear: What you may not know is that Dr. Dre teamed up with Monster and Jimmy Iovine to make the Beats line of headphones. Their goal was to replicate the sound you’d expect from a professional recording studio.  It took them over 3 years to realize their goal, and it truly shows.  As such,  the Beats by Dre Studio headphones are, without a doubt, worth every penny. Dr Dre is just one of the individuals who wish to supply and offer audio... Read More



Queens Park Rangers are finally back into the Premier League after a lengthy 15 year absence. The West London club clinched promotion back to the top flight by winning 2-0 at Watford to win the championship after a quiet astonishing season seeing them only lose eight games in the entire season. The exciting skills of Moroccan playmaker Adel Taarabt, who racked up an incrediable 19 goals this season is just one of the success stories of the Championship and surely a key in QPR’s return to the top flight. The... Read More


BETTINA RHEIMS AND SERGE BRAMLEY’S  “ROSE C’EST PARIS” Bettina Rheims and Serge Bramly’s “Rose C’est Paris” is both a photographic monograph and a feature-length film on DVD. This extraordinary work of art, in two different but interlocking and complimentary formats, defies easy categorization. For in this multi-layered opus of poetic symbolism, photographer Bettina Rheims and artist Serge Bramly evoke the City of Light in a completely novel way: this is a Paris of surrealist visions, confused identities, artistic phantoms, unseen manipulation, obsession, fetish and seething desire. Equal parts erotica, fashion shoot,... Read More



SUNGLASSES So is there someone around who doesn’t like to sport a nice pair of sunglasses? The History of Sunglasses Tales of “sun cheaters”, among other unusual names, were spoken of back in the time of the Roman Empire, when the Emperor would cover his eyes with bits of emerald to help shade the sun from his vision. Milestones: 1300c Chinese judges wore smoked-coloured quartz lenses to conceal their expressions in court. 1430c Vision correcting darkened eye-glasses were introduced to Italy from China. 1700c James Ayscough believed that blue-green tinted... Read More