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Knitwear Finds

It's time to wrap up and stay toasty! Whether you are staying home or braving the cold, Stuarts London has a huge selection of knitwear to keep you looking stylish while staying warm. Check out our favourite selections below.


Jacket Season at Stuarts London

Autumn and Winter has arrived, which means it's time to get out the jackets! Stuarts London has a large selection of jackets to keep you warm while being trendy. From Carhartt WIP to Belstaff, there is a jacket for everyone!


Snow Peak Camping Essentials

Camping season is back, and we have a vast range of Snow Peak Camping gear and accessories to get you started on your outdoor adventure! The Japanese brand, Snow Peak, was founded in 1958 by Yukio Yamai, a mountaineer living in Sanjo City, Japan. Yukio had the idea to create his brand when he realised there weren't enough options for climbing gear, Yukio named his company after a famous Japanese mountain, Tanigawa to show that the Snow Peak brand is all about challenging yourself outside.

Stuarts Summer Essentials 28/06/2022

Summer bag Essentials at Stuarts

Stuarts London has the perfect summer bag needs for this season. Choose your favourite summer essentials for a day out in the sun from our top picks such as, Carhartt WIP, Oscar Deen Sunglasses, Birkenstock, Pendleton, Filson and Malin + Goetz. This season, the summer accessory staples are a must-have. Choose from bucket hats, skin care, beach towels, sunglasses, water bottles, and travel packs.

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Day Home, Eclectic and authentic. Arriving Soon.

DAY HOME was founded in 2005 by Marianne Brandi who is the creator of the collections, and her husband Keld Mikkelsen who founded DAY Birger et Mikkelsen in 1997. They had an urge to offer a style reflecting the brands universe and their personal attitude to interior. Since then DAY HOME has grown into its own brand, based on modern, Scandinavian designs, with an ethnic twist to it. The brands recognisable eclectic signature, where textiles is a strong mediator, between the more elegant approach of the furniture’s, lamps, and ethnicity of the décor, has been a recognisable part of the Scandinavian interior market, for almost 20 years. DAY HOME is offering a personal take on products based on eclectic and authentic ideas, crafted by hand in clean sustainable materials.

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Pendleton Woolen Mills: Indigenous Design & Artistry

The Pendleton brand is rich with heritage, history and pure craftsmanship at its best. It all began in 1863 when a young English weaver named Thomas Kay decided he wanted to produce his own wool in the USA. With no suitable land of his own, Kay set sail down the Atlantic seaboard and up the Pacific coast in search of the ideal location. After four-months at sea, Kay stopped in America’s newest state, Oregon. Upon settling, Kay built his own family-operated mill, teaching and eventually passing on the business to... Read More

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The Snow Peak Fal Pro Air Tent : A Closer Look

With the number of tents out there on the market choosing the right tent for you can seem a daunting task and its not something you want to rush into. Snow Peak have different ranges of tents to suit all campers whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro. Today we wanted to talk about Snow Peak’s Adventure Pro range. Ultralightweight, compact, durable and suitable for all seasons these tents are designed mainly for backpackers or those who want to save weight and space out on the trail without... Read More

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Top Camping And Outdoor Gear Brands 2022 – Stuarts London

British Summertime is here and that means sunshine, BBQs and beach for sure, but there is also another great pastime that has seen a surge in popularity in recent years in all age brackets and that is camping. Being at one with nature and much needed time away from computer screens and social media - just the stillness of the outdoors sharing moments with the people we love. In terms of what to wear - outdoor wear has often been given a bad wrap for being unstylish and unflattering but those days are long gone.