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New House Rules – How To Wear Bright Coloured Trousers This Season

NEW HOUSE RULES – POPS OF COLOURS ARE IN Eager eyes will have noticed bright trousers and shorts on our new arrivals page in a variety of colours from the likes of Gibson, NN07 and Norse Projects. But how do you wear them? Whether you’re a fan of bold, bright prints or prefer to keep your style fairly muted, chances are you’ve found yourself worrying if you’re breaking one of the many men’s style rules. To help you get the trend right this summer take a look at some of... Read More

Top Picks From Our Menswear Sale 26/06/2017
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Nine Picks From Our Summer Sale

The end of June brings with it a fresh wave of optimism with the Summer Holidays drawing ever nearer whilst the smell of sea salt in the air becomes less of a distant memory and more of a reality. It also brings with it the end of season sales. With many opportunist bargains to be had (there is plenty out there) we are sure there is something for you to be had in our end of season sale. With up to 70% OFF this season’s arrivals here is just a... Read More


A welcome invasion: Norse Project

  THERE WAS a time, albeit in the early Mediaeval period, that’s about 8th century CE to you and me, that the thought of Norse invasion would have struke fear into any Anglo, well British heart to be precise. The term: ‘There goes the neighbourhood’ springs to mind as the great and good would run to the hills, well if nothing else, then as far away from any monasteries as possible. Now we are delighted to welcome those Norse gods over here and into our clothes shop, we are even... Read More