The Levi’s Strauss & Co Sta-Prest is back

It’s time to re-live a Levi’s Strauss & Co classic, here at Stuarts London the renowned Levis Strauss & Co Sta-Prest trousers are making a strong return. Originally introduced in 1964 at the Levi’s Strauss & Co plant in Knoxville, Tennessee, the jeans two winning features where it’s prominent centre crease and ability to be extremely wrinkle free. The Sta-Prest was a fast hit, adopted quickly by salesmen for the non-crease convenience and smart everyday look. By the end of the 60’s the style had become iconic and synonymous with subcultures... Read More

Einsteins Jacket 15/07/2016

Einstein’s Levis Jacket Sells For Over £110,000 !

Yes, that’s right, Time Magazine’s Man of the 20th Century and infamous scientist Albert Einstein’s infamous Levis Leather Jacket has sold at Christies Auction House for £110,500 by Levis Stauss & Co themselves. Passed down the Einstein family lines for generations, perhaps one of the most famous jackets ever worn the jacket has truely lasted the sands of time and, as pictured below, still retains its tan colour, and has even retained the distinct smell of smoke despite Einstein’s passing over 60 years ago. If You Understand The History You... Read More

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Levi’s Vintage Clothing Spring/Summer 2013 Hot Rod Collection

 Levi’s Vintage Clothing Spring/Summer 2013 Hot Rod Collection Levi’s Vintage Clothing Spring 2013, decided to explore a very specific subculture of this  collection. The term Hot Rod first appeared in California in the 1930s to describe cars with large engines modified for linear speed, typically old Ford T-Models from scrapyards customised by young enthusiasts with little or no money but a D.I.Y. punk attitude. By the 1950s sophisticated paint designs decorated the bodies of the cars and competition in customising became so fierce that top cars barely saw daylight except for... Read More

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Levi’s Vintage Clothing Spring/Summer 2013 – Lookbook

Levi’s Vintage Clothing Spring/Summer 2013 – Lookbook Focusing in on reinterpretations of fashions from two eras: the late 1800′ miner and the golden era 20th century Hot Rod enthusiast, the Levi’s Vintage Clothing has announced its latest lookbook for 2013 spring/summer. Looking at the miner era, a trip to America’s Death Valley for the label’s design team provided insight into the sensibilities of a miner’s life, resulting in a collection one would expect from a such a storied brand. Levi’s sent their people into an unexplored mine  on a scavenger hunt... Read More

Levis Vintage – Orange Tab Relaunch Plus More New Additions from the Archive Collection

Levis Vintage Re-Issue the Orange Tab denim. Fall/Winter 2013 LEVI’S® VINTAGE CLOTHING Detroit in the 1960’s was an exciting city with an explosive music scene. While a new wave of garage bands churned out revolutionary rock and roll, Motown Records was introducing young America to Motor City’s new groove. And in the innermost part of the hardworking home of the American Car industry, youth from the surrounding neighborhoods gathered together, soaked up the new sounds and established their own style.  For Fall/Winter 2013, Levis® Vintage Clothing pays tribute to Mo Town’s musical... Read More

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Raw and Selvedge Denim insight and characteristics

  Raw and selvage denim explained : Many people confuse the two and think they are essentially the same, however there is a big difference.  What’s all the fuss about?  Why do denim-addicts and denim-amateurs alike pay extra special attention to it? Raw denim refers to the wash while Selvedge or also known as “selvage” is the edge. Most Raw Denim is “selvage” and not all Selvedge Denim is raw. Raw denim is a denim fabric that is not washed after being dyed during its production. Its left in its... Read More


Levis Sta Prest

Levis Sta Prest Levisor as the British would say “stay press”. The classic is now in the original format of side slant pockets and two welted back pockets. The quality is every bit as one would expect.  Sta-Prest (intended to be pronounced as “stay pressed”) is a brand of wrinkle-resistant trousers produced by Levi Strauss & Co., beginning in 1964.These products are marketed as wearable straight out of the dryer, with no need for ironing. The trousers were especially popular among British mods of the mid 1960s and skinheads of... Read More


Levi’s Made & Crafted

Levi’s Made & Crafted  The design ethos for Levi’s Made & Crafted is rooted in iconic American clothing, just like Levi’s Vintage Clothing. The inspiration is in American work wear, sportswear, military uniforms then mixing traditional fabrics and construction with high technology and contemporary fits. Old and new, craft and science. As Levi’s Vintage Clothing looks to the past, to recreate iconic garments from Levi’s history, Levi’s Made & Crafted comes from the same origins but projects forwards. It’s a modern collection with traditional sensibilities. Launched in 2009, Levi’s Made... Read More

Levis Vintage 1930’s Menlo Leather Jacket

Levis Vintage Menlo’s Tan Sheepskin Leather Jacket – One to One archive Piece. Levi’s 1st Delivery comes into store with some great selection of tee’s and check shirts. Along with the vintage orange tab 506 denim jeans.  But we wanted to focus your attention to one arrival in particular. The Levi’s Vintage 1930’s leather jacket. Collection Inspiration: From 1915 to this day Cone Mills of North Carolina has supplied Levi Strauss & Co with denim. In 1939 a local film was made at the White Oak Mill by H.Lee Waters.... Read More

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Not Just for Christmas: A True Fairisle Is a Serious Piece of Craftsmanship

Fair Isle knits are a simple and easy way to inject some colour and warmth into any winter wardrobe. Once the unwanted Christmas present the Fairisle jumper is now officially the on-trend statement knit of winter 2011/12. The Fairisle design has also been picked up by the mid to higher end designers, who – as with the high street stores – have experimented with colours, designs and base items to create a cleaner cut, more wearable item.  The generic technique however, has expanded, creating more patterns and allowing greater flexibility... Read More