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Jeffery West Brown Woven Shoes 04/06/2016

Jeffery West | The Pioneers of British Shoemaking

British Shoemaking has long been the forefront of Men’s Apparel with household brands such as Grenson, Loake and Oliver Sweeny prominent on men’s feet across the globe. Perhaps the most known brand in British Men’s Shoe Making hails from Northampton, the UK’s historical hub of men’s shoemaking, Jeffery West.  Jeffery West has been a staple of the Stuarts London footwear collection for a number of seasons now due to its looks, durability and individuality for men of any denomination. I, therefore, thought it would be a good idea to venture... Read More


Jeffery West Handcuff Loafer | Stuarts London

Introducing the handmade Italian Habit “Handcuff Loafer” Inspired by the great playboys of the 20th century, Onassis, Burton , Agnelli , Hughes , Sachs, the shoe last is named after our boyhood hero James Hunt who certainly enjoyed life to the full . The Habit is a true tubular moccasin with an in channel stitched through leather sole, the Handcuff logo is deeply branded into the red stained leather sole’s surface. The Habit’s saddle trim is modelled on a pair of antique Victorian “Prisoner of Sin” handcuffs. Available Velour suede’s with... Read More

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JEFFERY WEST: Imaginative modern footwear

                                                    Instantly aesthetic, vital and imaginative modern footwear Mark Jeffery and Guy West first started working together back in 1983 and in 1987 they decided to form Jeffery-West shoes, producing styles based on footwear companies they admired that were working in Northampton. Childhood friends Mark Jeffery and Guy West were surrounded by tradition and history from the word go, even more so for Jeffery as his father ran the family owned shoe factory in the town. Perhaps not a surprise therefore that they would go on to become... Read More