Chevignon Unlimited Togs

Chevignon Feature image 06/08/2018

Chevignon Is Back And Better Than Ever

Chevignon is once again available here at Stuarts London, learn more about this revived 80’s casuals brand with us today. Chevignon is a French label with a deep and storied history that often intertwines with the 80’s Casuals subculture movement of the UK back in the 1980’s, with a mixture of boyish and sophisticated designs this imported label has something for everyone. The duck brands offerings this season come in a variety of bold and colourful designs, all of which sport Chevignon branding in one form or another. A range... Read More


The Chevignon Unlimited Togs collection: Jacques Shu

 Chevignon Unlimited Togs collection: Jacques Shu Collaboration  Chevignon was founded in Paris, France by Guy Azoulay. Guy Azoulay was excluded from school at  the age of 15, and this young  son of storekeeper and second last in a family of six children, then as a young man stumbled onto an interesting business in Avignon : a group of friends had started a clothing business selling items found in second hand clothes stores and bringing over American merchandise and started out by cutting jackets in vintage leather.  In 1979 several months... Read More