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What goes around comes around – by Sanyika Odieté

There’s a new Blogger in town, and Sanyika is our man on the road. Having a look at what’s going on out and about on the streets of London – Sanyika Reports It’s a well established fact in the world of fashion that what goes around comes around and this is certainly the case with the vibram soled brogue by Grenson. This well loved shoe has a strong history of over two centuries as it has been worn in many ways by many types and its latest style revival is... Read More


Adidas Originals: FRIDAY FOCUS: Adidas is famous for its three stripe design, which was bought from a Finnish company in 1950. Adidas was first started by Adolf Dassler in 1924 and has grown from a small company in Bavaria to a global phenomenon in less than 100 years. It is a massive German sportswear and apparel manufacturer which also now owns Reebok, Rockport and golfing range Taylor Made within the Adidas AG group. We all know that the Adidas is famous for its sports shoes and clothing and has long... Read More


A Fashion Fit Through The Ages: Jeans, we all have a pair or two, probably more than we realise, and at some point we have a favourite pair that we have loved, cherished, outgrown, ripped, and inevitably and regrettably thrown out, because sometimes you fall out with a pair of jeans that becomes non co-operating. So lads here comes the dilemma fixer, the Levis Vintage 1967 – 505 Rigid Pre-Shrunk Dark indigo Jeans. And where did Levi jeans all start? Well since Levi Strauss & Co. began producing modern denim... Read More

Brand Focus : Dr Martens – Made in England

Dr Martens – Klaus Märtens was a doctor in the German army during World War II. While on leave in 1945, he injured his ankle while skiing in the Bavarian Alps. He found that his standard-issue army boots were too uncomfortable on his injured foot. While recuperating, he designed improvements to the boots, with soft leather and air-padded soles. When the war ended and some Germans looted valuables from their own cities, Märtens took leather from a cobbler’s shop. With that leather he made himself a pair of boots with... Read More


New Arrivals A BIT OF HISTORY ABOUT LAVENHAM JACKETS Since the quilted jacket revolution in fashion the Lavenham brand has greatly increased its profile, but are also considered ‘up there’ for their men’s jacket with another UK favourite and producer of quilted coats Barbour. Lavenham are an English manufacturer of superior quality country clothing, horse-rugs and accessories that pride themselves on sticking to the two innate attributes of Quality and Durability that have taken the brand so far since its inception in 1969. The two aforementioned vital components have allowed... Read More


FRIDAY FOCUS: THIS SEASONS HOT NEW TREND! So here’s a little bit of history to let you know how these cool shoes started! Espadrilles have been made in Catalonia since the 14th century at least and Espadrille first appeared in the Pyrenees Mountains and has since become synonymous with summer and the ease of the French Riviera. The appeal of espadrille has steadily grown and they have been embraced by the fashion world. Fashion houses of repute such as Armani and Versace have all embraced espadrille and featured them on the runaway.... Read More


The Ben Sherman Modern Classics Oxford Shirt 5 DECADES OF BEN SHERMAN! Where were you? What were you listening to? 60s…1963: year dot. Ben Sherman begins producing his iconic shirts from a small factory in Brighton to the soundtrack of The Beatles, The Troggs and The Kinks. Mods, skinheads and rockers have taken over the nation and the Ben Sherman button-downs instantly becomes the signature fashion essential. A year later Ben Sherman opens the Carnaby Street store. Ben Sherman’s women’s collection follows in 1968. 70s….The Clash herald “London’s calling” and... Read More


A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY! Levi Strauss & Co., then specialized in denim, introduced the Dockers brand in 1986. Dockers became a leading brand of business casual clothing for men led by Bob Siegel. In 1987, Dockers introduced a women’s line. In 1993 the Dockers brand was introduced into Europe under the leadership of Joe Middleton. Dockers makes khaki pants and leather wallets. (Bet you didn’t know that!) BIRTH OF DOCKERS: Two decades ago Dockers started new apparel, introducing Khaki trousers as an alternative to denim and within a few... Read More


Luke Roper, Designing Mens Fashion Since 1977 Luke Roper, the son of a talented wedding dress maker and throughout his childhood was constantly exposed to cutting, sewing, altering & pattern drafting at his Walsall home. With all of this going on around him it’s no surprise that by the age of twelve he was already adept at using a sewing machine and he soon became interested in the whole process of the production of garments and began to develop his skills and by the age of 15 he had already... Read More

Today we introduce to you…..

YMC Summer Navy Mountain Parka…. Right you guys…… We are all prone to sticking with what we know, and even being complacent within all areas of our lives – it’s just human nature, so let Stuarts Of London lead you forward and try and make one change to your personal style in order to push progression! And what better way to celebrate than with a brand new Spring/Summer wardrobe from the finest, YMC. Requiring no introductions, everybody’s favorite designers have once again come up with a quite simply stunning collection... Read More