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Belstaff SS21: Heritage Reimagined

It’s no secret that here at Stuarts London, we love heritage brands. Brands that have a story and have stood the test of time. Belstaff is one of those brands. With it’s roots in providing motorcycle clothing going as far back as 1924 and even contributing to the war effort – its safe to say the brand has earned its stripes as one of the all time UK heritage menswear brands. Today the Belstaff have a global presence with pieces like their Trialmaster jacket, which was one of the first... Read More

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Ma.Strum: Form, Fabric, And Function

Introducing Ma.Strum, the technical sportswear brand coming to Stuarts London this season. Ma.Strum are a brand who constantly strive for innovation. With one eye firmly planted on the the right now and even the future – no one collection is the same. Specialising in technical outerwear, the UK based brand is looking to break convention with their innovative, function-driven pieces. Each design is the result of extensive research and development resulting in garments that explore, in particular, how the wearer engages with the garment and the garment’s protective abilities. Started... Read More

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Clarks Originals: Modern-Day Classics

Clarks have been making quality footwear since 1825, making them one of the longest running shoemakers in the world. What's interesting about Clarks is they are universally loved by, it seems, pretty much everyone. From The Wu-Tang Clan making a entire song dedicated to the Wallabee shoes to their Desert Boots being included in The Design Museum's 50 Shoes That Changed The World - there seems to be no end to the adoration for the brand and its with good reason.

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C17 Jeans: Old Sailor Knitwear Collection

As part of their latest collection premium menswear company C17 Jeans pay homage to iconic 'fisherman jumper' with their 'Old Sailor' collection. Warm, stylish, and robust. The icon has proven its reliablity and weathered the turbulant billows of menswear history. Made to put up with some of the harshest conditions at sea going back as early as the turn of the century - it has since moved inland and its popularity spread far and wide.

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None Of The Above: AW20 Knitwear Collection

None Of The Above have always been all about offering high-quality wardrobe staples made from the finest materials. No logos, no flashy detailing. Just really well-made clothing that you can put on without thinking too much a look good every time and with quality guaranteed.