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Sebago x Engineered Garments

Daiki Suzuki the designer behind engineered garments is back with another incredible collaboration. This time, the brand has joined forces with American-founded shoe maker, Sebago. The approach for this collaboration has been for Engineered Garments to use their unique twists of design, style and silhouettes on the iconic boat shoe from Sebago. The collection features full grain leather, suede and asymmetrically textured uppers, and Vibram EVA soles. This approach has resulted in a bold new take of the silhouette that encompasses both brands perfectly. Another key inspiration force was Suzuki wanting to take a chance on reshaping a classic American style and updating it to match the current times. This inspiration has not only translated into fabric choice and design, but also the comfort this new shoes will provide the wearer - exceptional, all day comfort.

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Paraboot Spring/Summer 2021 Guide

For this Spring/Summer, Paraboot have got some very nice warmer weather options for those looking for French chic style, coupled with unbeatable build quality. Let's take a look at some of the premium shoe options on offer this season from the French artisan shoe brand.

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Parajumpers: Outerwear For All Weather

For outdoor gear ready to take on any kind of weather - Parajumpers is the brand to turn to. Taking its name from one of the most revered military units in the world; the 210th Rescue Squadron or The PJS Parajumpers. Based in Anchorage, Alaska, this highly specialised unit deals with some of the harshest conditions on the planet and rescue missions that require only the most skilled in their field.

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Dr Martens: Made In England

Dr Marten boots mean a lot of different things, to different people. But for many, they have stood as a symbol of authenticity, individuality and freedom - a message that is today broadcasted up and down city streets all over the world. That's why Dr Martens Made In England collection is, perhaps the brand's best kept secret.

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Belstaff SS21

Versatility has always been something of great importance to the brand. They want you wear their clothes and they are designed to be enjoyed. The Camber Jacket is a great example of this. With it's lightweight build and neutral colour palettes it keeps that biker look and high-quality without the added weight. Sleek lines, neutral colour palette and made from water-resistant micro poly fabric - this is a great option for year round style.