9. Collabs & Exclusives


Naked & Famous, Meteor Selvedge

A new season means a string of hotly anticipated denim releases from denim aficionado's Naked And Famous Denim. The Canadian denim brand are unlike any other denim producer out there. Known for not only for their quality but also for showcasing the full range of creative possibilities in popular garments.


Flower Mountain | New Brand Arrival

The sneaker world and that of heritage menswear have an interesting history. The two, seemingly like long estranged siblings are similar in many ways, but also with their own distinct character. One is fast-paced and always concerned with what is coming next – while the other is concerned with a slower more purposeful approach, exploring what is timeless. Every now and then though, a brand comes along that manages to bridge a gap between the two, and it is here where new and exciting ideas can be explored.


Lyle & Scott x Golfickers

Lyle & Scott are excited to announce their upcoming collaboration with Japanese golf collective Golfickers. Consisting of 7 different pieces, the silhouettes for this capsule collection have been taken from the Lyle & Scott archive, referencing classic products from their past including rugby shirts and knitwear. A new logo has been created for the partnership, combining Golfickers’ classic buggy image with Lyle & Scott’s iconic Eagle and 1874 - the brand’s founding date. Formed in 2018, Golfickers is a Tokyo-based golf collective made up of art directors, film producers, photographers, designers, and stylists.


Michael/Marche, Marrons, Poils Vache

The latest arrival from Paraboot sees a bold, show stopping style. Sticking to their iconic silhouette, the shoe has been given a unique twist. Created by the second generation of the Richard-Pontvert family, this iconic model was marked by the birth of Michael Richard in 1945. Renowned all over the world, it has proven to be timeless and suitable for any generation and style.



With a reputation for quality spanning over 80 years, Novesta are the go-to shoe of choice for those who want a classic canvas shoe that’s comfortable and full of character. The legendary European outfitter produces each shoe in the same way as they have done for the last 80 years out of their factory in Slovakia. Renowned for their build-quality, the shoes have earned a strong reputation with little change to their original designs and production techniques.

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Day Home, Eclectic and authentic. Arriving Soon.

DAY HOME was founded in 2005 by Marianne Brandi who is the creator of the collections, and her husband Keld Mikkelsen who founded DAY Birger et Mikkelsen in 1997. They had an urge to offer a style reflecting the brands universe and their personal attitude to interior. Since then DAY HOME has grown into its own brand, based on modern, Scandinavian designs, with an ethnic twist to it. The brands recognisable eclectic signature, where textiles is a strong mediator, between the more elegant approach of the furniture’s, lamps, and ethnicity of the décor, has been a recognisable part of the Scandinavian interior market, for almost 20 years. DAY HOME is offering a personal take on products based on eclectic and authentic ideas, crafted by hand in clean sustainable materials.


Puma x Butter Goods | ’90s Nostalgia

Sports company PUMA and Australian skate label Butter Goods are announcing a new partnership between the brands, set to launch Saturday. The two will come together for collections heavily inspired by nostalgia and the ‘90s. Founded in Perth, Australia in 2008, Butter Goods first began as a way to celebrate the love of music and skateboarding the founders grew up on. Those connecting to the nostalgia grew the brand’s worldwide community, and today the brand exists in a place where skateboarding and music collide, inspired by the different counter cultures... Read More



As one of the first British-born streetwear brands Maharishi championed hip-hop and utility wear to create a distinct look in the 90s. Launching in 2021 our classic Weejuns loafers will be realised in Maharishi’s iconic Camo print, artfully embossed in the classic Moc leather. The shoes bear the hallmarks of Bass's classic design design, crafted in a beautifully smart polished leather and hand-stitched using a tubular moccasin constructions with a clean, smart penny cut out on the bridge.


Sergio Tacchini, Timeless Icons

Sergio Tacchini will forever be an iconic brand – the logo alone brings you a sense of nostalgia along with the appreciation of the design, quality and style. The heritage athletics brand has long represented authenticity, craftmanship and classic design. Founded in 1966 by the Tennis champion Tacchini himself, the brand soon propelled into the spot light and their bold colour choice only set them apart from other brands that all followed an all white aesthetic for traditional sportswear.