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Aquascutum Returns To Stuarts

Terrace legend Aquascutum makes a return to Stuarts after more than 4 years. The iconic tribal check of the London-born label is a perennial favourite among fans, from the original Mac wearers of the 1980s to the designer brand rebirth of the middle of the 2000s. With their roots dating back to mid 1800s Mayfair, Aquascutum has definitely earnt their stripes cementing themselves as one of the great London labels.


Blundstone – Quality Boots Since 1870

Since 1870 Blundstone has made the toughest, no-nonsense footwear for work and play. Established in Hobart, Tasmania the company has grown to become one of the world's most recognisable boot brands. Our history, heritage and people have helped shape the way our boots have evolved; perhaps it takes a unique place to inspire the development of a unique boot.


RoToTo – Cozy Socks From Japan

Born from the unity of yarn, knitting machines, and human hands & recognised as one of the pioneers of cozy double faced socks, RoToTo encompass everything there is to love about Japanese craftsmanship. Produced in areas renowned for being prospering textile production hotspots, the label have stuck close to their roots using the finest yarns & techniques.


SUBU, Winter Sandals From Tokyo

Founded in 2016, SUBU strive to create a product that embraces you with the feeling of relaxation and freedom. SUBU reimagines the traditional Japanese shoe to create a sandal that is perfect for the winter. Perfect for those chilly winter days and nights, the slipper brings the warmth to those minus temperatures with its soft upper materials.


Epperson Mountaineering, Artisan Bags Made In USA

Mark Epperson, a man who loves the mountains, founded Epperson Mountaineering in 1973 out of Montana. Mark’s vision has remained the same to this day; he couldn’t find any other backpacks that satisfied his demanding need for high-quality packs. He believed that by utilising the highest quality materials, artisan craftsmanship, and innovative functional designs he could make great backpacks which are fit for purpose.


Serge DeNimes New Arrivals

Serge DeNimes is a design-led business that offers high-quality but cheap jewellery. Each item is 925 Sterling Silver, created in London, and hallmarked at the Goldsmiths' Assay Office.


Keen Footwear – Authentic US Heritage From Oregon

Keen footwear was birthed by Martin Keen through an unusual pairing and love for sailing & sandals - in Portland, Oregon. Keen had worked as a shoe designer for big names like Saucony and Timberland, so with this experience he set out to create a hybrid shoe that would be comfortable enough to wear sailing on his boat whilst also remaining functional for the outdoors.


Double RL by Ralph Lauren, a Brief History

The Polo Ralph Lauren name has managed to keep themselves a household name since their inception in 1967. Branching out since, the label has expanded into many separate labels, navigating through fashion with their iconic clean cut American pieces. The RRL label plays on this US heritage & workwear style.

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MIZUNO | Wave Rider 10 Premium

Brothers Rihachi and Rizo founded Mizuno in 1906 as a result of their shared love for the Western sporting tradition at Osaka's Heart. As the brand's recognition increased, so did its hold on a number of well-liked sports, including, among others, football, tennis, golf, and athletics. For some of the most well-known athletes in the world, progressive products have been created from the beginning, with an emphasis on sustainability through increased production and performance technology after that.


Uncle Bright – Handmade Spanish Craftsmanship

Uncle Bright is inspired by traditional workwear with the philosophy that all garments are created to be worn with a functional yet stylish purpose. All styles are then taken out of context and fused with a Scandinavian feel in terms of fits and colour palettes. Uncle Bright seek to improve iconic garments & footwear in terms of fits, colours and quality.