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Yogi: Earth Inspired Footwear

Inspired by the Earth and Roots shoes from the 70s, Yogi have been producing clean and premium shoes since the 90s. Taking on the iconic hand sewn moccasin design with its relaxed and comfortable style they produce their footwear by hand in Portugal. In practice Yogi remain ethical and sustainable, with durability as a key pillar of their production. Leather and rubber are locally sourced and shoe boxes are recycled. This attention to detail and care don’t go unnoticed in the shoes, which all have a rich earthy look. Yogi... Read More

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Norse Projects: Created For Life

Norse Projects have become key players in the creation of timeless, functional clothing. Firmly rooted in Scandinavian philosophy and Nordic aesthetics. The brand combines technological innovations with a heritage in street and skateboarding culture to create well thought and meditative clothing. Utilising premium materials such as merino wool and cotton twill, Norse Projects latest collection features an array of impressive knitwear and winter warming shirts that are perfect for the coming weather. Alongside these standout pieces there are classic staples such as the Vagn Hoodie and Sweat. Timeless and season-less,... Read More


Golden Bear Jackets, Timeless Style and Heritage

Founded in 1922, Golden Bear Sportswear produced coats for dockworkers on San Francisco Bay, by the 1960s they had moved to Valencia Street producing everything from collegiate Varsity jackets to rugged bombers. Still keeping their classic dock worker style from the ’20s Golden Bear jackets take on the personal history of those who wear them, treasured for years and only getting better with age. Crafted from premium materials such as Melton wool and tough, thick leather with satin linings. Still producing iconic jackets to this day, they cut and sew... Read More


Gramicci Arriving

“We feel that the world is more than just a place to live; it is somewhere to grow up, start a family, adventure to parts unknown and enjoy the freedom of nature.”


Parka London

It all began in 1948 with Alfie Lever. Alfie Lever was a tailor's son from the east end. After returning home from the RAF, he began to seek a new adventure and take his inspirations from the former RAF uniform to create and conquer the outerwear world.


Hikerdelic Arriving

We are excited to announce Hikerdelic will be arriving for the AW19 collection this season. Hikerdelic aims to bring together the two worlds of rambling and raving into this seasons latest collection with an array of their classic bold prints and colours on classic garments.


Portuguese Flannel, Heritage in a new world

Portuguese Flannel has a unique story and are making some bold statements in their latest AW19 collections. Using only master craftsman, all their shirts are crafted in old towns of Northern Portugal. Within this process, only exclusive fabrics that are produced in a traditional way and of the finest quality are selected.


Carhartt WIP

Famed for their ultra durable and classic clothing, Carhartt formed in 1889 and provided workmen in the USA with quality overalls, and the like, for rigorous jobs. After gaining status amongst street trendsetters, Carhartt soon become a uniform for both workmen and hip hop artists and everyone in between. Carhartt WIP follows the trend of its namesake by providing high-quality clothing but with a contemporary European edge and a focus on more lifestyle friendly fabrics. With a keen eye on the heritage of Carhartt as well as recent and upcoming trends, Carhartt WIP provides timeless items of clothing that always retain an understated style; never feeling outdated.