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Nobis: Technical Innovation Meets Classic Style

As the Autumn weather finally sets in and the last of the summer heat begins to fade, it’s time to think about our winter wardrobes once more. The coat is a unique clothing item in that it is highly functional – if it’s not warm then its useless. But all too often the best performing outerwear sacrifices style for function. With their range of premium outerwear you get the best of both worlds – seamlessly blending high performance textiles and technological innovation in outerwear, Nobis create timeless silhouettes designed to... Read More


Red Wing Womens: Handmade Heritage

ABOUT RED WING WOMENS Redwing is renowned for creating boots that are fit for adventure as well as adding a heritage, stylish feel to your everyday look. Red Wing Shoe Company is a family-owned business that was founded in Red Wing, Minnesota in 1905. Since its inception, the milestones have been many, including: The debut of the Gloria, our original women’s boot, in 1926, the creation of the 877 Moc Toe in 1952, and the acquisition of S.B. Foot Tanning Company in 1987. Red Wing Heritage continues to build on... Read More

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MALIN+GOETZ: Straight From NYC

ABOUT Malin + Goetz is arriving this season both in-store and online at Stuarts London. As the independent stockist, we are looking forward to welcoming the brand and introducing an array of their products and accessories. The brand has a rich and interesting story all of which translates into each and every product the brand has created. The brand’s ethos is simple, it provides products that are simple yet effective. The genderless identity of each product also adds that the product is for everyone – all skin types. This means... Read More


Mackage: Changing The Outerwear Game

ABOUT Eran Elfassy created the brand in 1999. Two years from creation, Elisa Dahan joined him. Since then, they have both created one of the most contemporary prestigious outerwear brands. The mission of the brand is simple, they wanted to create garments that elevate what is currently on the market but to also add a unique touch of fashion mixed with functionality. Mackage has changed the outerwear game By using high quality materials within every stitch, the brand encompasses precision and attention to detail. This unwavering sense of quality and... Read More


Workware | Japanese Inspired, Heritage Clothing With a Story.

Workware want to portray that clothing is like a book, you see the cover straight away - however, it is the content and the true story behind it which makes it memorable and important. Arriving this season, we have an array of skirts, jackets, trousers & more. All the garments arriving follow a timeless aesthetic that mirror the dedication of quality vintage wear the brand holds at the core of all their designs.


Calvin Klein Underwear & Lounge

Calvin Klein encompasses a bold, iconic yet minimal aesthetic and has done since the brand first began. The brand has said it seeks to ‘thrill and inspire’ with all their designs, imagery and concepts. The was first founded in 1968 by Calvin Klein himself alongside his business partner Barry Schwartz. Since 68’ the brand has been propelled into success and has since become a leader within the fashion industry. This season, we are excited to have Calvin Klein underwear and loungewear online and in-store.


Yogi Footwear x YMC Collaboration

The brands are fusing together for an exciting new collaboration. Launching on the 17th of September. The concept behind the collaboration is a celebration of the brands that were both founded in the 90s - a pivotal point for British popular culture. With a shared love of product and the driving forces behind fashion - design, music and the arts - both brands have been connected to contemporary British style and culture since their inception.


Oliver Spencer: “being smart, being distinctive, being comfortable”

The brand comes from the true vision and innovative spirit of the man, Oliver Spencer. First beginning as a self taught tailor and shopkeeper, Oli’s eye is said to be at the core of everything the brand does and continues to do to this day. The brand was first founded back in 2002 fueled by the frustration of the limitations at Art school, he set out to create his own path to truly showcase his talents and passions. This passion was to create something new, something that was unique compared... Read More

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Serge DeNimes | Timeless Designs.

Serge DeNimes focuses on design and quality. Arriving this season to Stuarts London, they provide premium jewellery with a very reasonable price point. Each piece is made from 925 sterling silver giving it a strong DNA to make it last. Each and every piece is also designed right here in London and hallmarked at the Goldsmiths’ Assay Office.