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MIZUNO | Wave Rider 10 Premium

Brothers Rihachi and Rizo founded Mizuno in 1906 as a result of their shared love for the Western sporting tradition at Osaka's Heart. As the brand's recognition increased, so did its hold on a number of well-liked sports, including, among others, football, tennis, golf, and athletics. For some of the most well-known athletes in the world, progressive products have been created from the beginning, with an emphasis on sustainability through increased production and performance technology after that.


Uncle Bright – Handmade Spanish Craftsmanship

Uncle Bright is inspired by traditional workwear with the philosophy that all garments are created to be worn with a functional yet stylish purpose. All styles are then taken out of context and fused with a Scandinavian feel in terms of fits and colour palettes. Uncle Bright seek to improve iconic garments & footwear in terms of fits, colours and quality.


Nigel Cabourn x TIMEX Desert Watch

Nigel Cabourn, the British menswear designer, has collaborated with Timex, the legendary wristwatch. TIMEX have collaborated with the company once more to bring you the Desert Watch, the latest in a long line of military-inspired watches. The Desert Watch is inspired by WWII while giving the appearance and functionality to resist any condition.


Laboratory Perfumes – The Natural Science Of Scent

Laboratory Perfumes is a sustainable cosmetics brand that caters to both men and women. Our small, female-led company collaborates with local suppliers to make attractive, perfumed items that have a low environmental effect. We prioritise simple, recyclable packaging, with much of it meant to be recycled and have a more permanent role in your life.


Mizuno – Japanese Design Meets American Baseball Heritage

Mizuno owes it's name to Japanese founder Rihachi Mizuno. Following a trip to the US Rihachi discovered a new found love for baseball and decided to bring his passion of the sport back with him to Japan. He began selling baseball gear and sin 1906 Mizuno as we know it today was born.


Porter Yoshida & Co. – Japanese Crafted Bags

Porter Yoshida & Co. is a Japanese label with a cult like following - best known for their bags & accessories. With a rich heritage & history that goes back to the early 20th century, the brand has been a household name over in Japan for a number of years & they are now getting to the western recognition that they very much deserve.


And Wander – The Japanese Outdoor Label

Much like many other Japanese outerwear brands to date, And Wander built it's foundations on providing a solution to a problem. One of the labels founders Keita Ikeuchi, who previously designed for Issey Miyake Men, stumbled on his issue when planning a camping trips with his friends & couldn't justify the prices of the inadequate camping gear that was available to him.


Diadora Borg Elite “White & Gold” 80s Casual Staple

The Diadora Borg Elite OG, a trainer that defined a generation, returns to Stuarts London in all of its original glory with some stylish tweaks. This special edition pays homage to the very original Borg Elite, which was legendary in the 1980s casuals scene. The Borg Elite OG, first introduced in 1981 for tennis great Bjorn Borg, will be instantly recognisable to any fan or collector.


YETI – The Iconic Cooler Box

Yeti is an American brand based in Austin, Texas specialising in outdoor products such as Ice chests, cooler boxes, vacuum insulated, stainless steel drinkware, and other outdoor-related items.


Serge DeNimes – Jewellery Essentials

Serge Denimes is an up and coming design led company that specialises in providing premium affordable jewellery. Every piece of jewellery is made from 925 sterling silver and designed in London. These iconic unisex collection features signet rings, symbolic pendants, chains and bracelets. Serge DeNimes sends each jewellery to the Goldsmiths Assay Offices which is then used to test the purity of precious metals, to protect consumers from buying fake items and then hallmarked.