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With a reputation for quality spanning over 80 years, Novesta are the go-to shoe of choice for those who want a classic canvas shoe that’s comfortable and full of character. The legendary European outfitter produces each shoe in the same way as they have done for the last 80 years out of their factory in Slovakia. Renowned for their build-quality, the shoes have earned a strong reputation with little change to their original designs and production techniques.

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Norse Projects AW21: Coming To Stuarts London

The Nordic brand's minimally styled, well-made wardrobe essentials have catapulted them to the forefront of the menswear space where they have sat comfortably for quite some time now. Despite this widespread appeal and acceptance into the mainstream - the brand are uncompromising with their artistic vision, every season pushing their creativity, never settling. And with the release of their AW21 Campaign, it is clear to see that the clothing is just one part of the much wider artistic vision the brand wants to express.


ArkAir AW21 Coming To Stuarts London

ArkAir is the natural offshoot of Arktis, an outerwear brand known for making some of the most technically capable garments around, supplying to the special forces and emergency services since their start in 1985. ArkAir brings a more fashion-forward approach with the same cutting-edge garment technology of their mother brand.


Ma.Strum: Form, Fabric, And Function

About Ma.Strum, Brand History Ma.Strum is a brand who constantly strive for innovation. With one eye firmly planted on the the right now and even the future – no one collection is the same. Specialising in technical outerwear, the UK based brand is looking to break convention with their innovative, function-driven pieces. Each design is the result of extensive research and development resulting in garments that explore, in particular, how the wearer engages with the garment and the garment’s protective abilities. Started in 2010 originally as a partnership with the... Read More


A Guide to Paraboot at Stuarts London

hey’ve been around for over 100 years specialising in shoes hand-crafted in France and have over the years built their reputation for premium quality and a dedicated swathe of followers who want something that goes beyond run-of-the-mill footwear.

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The On Running Cloudnova: Performance + Comfort

The Cloudnova is On Running’s latest innovation in cutting-edge running footwear. Treading the line between professional running shoes and everyday comfort – the Cloudnova is a popular option in the On Running lineup. We’ve just got our hands on the latest version in four new colourways. Let’s take a closer look at the design of the shoe. Tech Are Cloudnovas Comfortable? The Cloudnova combines two of On Running’s patented technologies developed by the company themselves. The first being their groundbreaking CloudTec® integrated into the outsole giving a cushioned landing and... Read More


PUMA Archives: The Palermo OG

Thanks to the unprecedented access given to the archive, PUMA are now are able to create intricate digital scans of each item with the original on hand re-creating each piece down to the tiniest detail. Throughout the archive there were a few shoes that were a big deal back in the day which became the must-have shoes and really started an interest in rare shoes and collecting - the Palermo was one of those shoes.

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The Birkenstock Kyoto

Just when we thought Birkenstock had completed the sandal. The German footwear specialists' latest shoe clearly demonstrates that their sandals reign supreme. The Kyoto combines traditional and modern aspects to create a silhouette that we haven't really seen before but at the same time looks like it has been around forever.


The Autry Medalist: Your Next Go-To Summer Trainer

Amongst the towering boxes in your bedroom, there are always a few pairs that you can't help but come back to. A few shoes come to mind - Converse All-Stars , Vans Authentics, Reebok Classics, Nike Air Force 1s. They go with everything, and a lot of the time they look better with a bit of wear on them. To join this formidable lineup is a tall order, to say the least for any newcomer but we think we may have found one with the Autry Medalist.