Emily Butler


Shoes Like Pottery | Pure Craftsmanship To The Extreme

The process of these shoes which are built in separate parts, from hand sewing the laminated canvas uppers to the final kiln work is only done by the hands of specialist craftsmen at the Moonstar factory in Kurume in Fukuoka, in the north east of the country. Fukuoka is home to Ramen soup and Bridgestone tyres, which may go some way to understanding the Ku-rya process which have made the shoes legend, Moonstar being one of only three factories in Japan still using the originally American process.


Danner Boots | Heritage Meets Adventure

Danner boots first came around when Charles Danner came to the west to construct the best boots for loggers that exist. First created in Oregon in 1932, they are still the go to boot for adventure. He wanted to combine his love for the outdoors and wilderness with a commitment to true craftsmanship and quality. This ambition to innovate boots that are more than just fit for purpose still exists within each and every stitch of their latest collection. The uncompromising landscape is the spirit behind the boots which Charles Danner first envisioned in production a century ago.


The adidas Superstar | A Cultural Icon

Perhaps the most legendary and instantly recognisable adidas sneaker shapes ever and one of the most iconic sneakers of all time. The shoe which really launched the brand into the spotlight and into global superstardom. With its sporting heritage and a history steeped in hip-hop iconography let’s take a look at why the adidas Superstar with humble beginnings is still relevant today.


Superstar Laceless | ’80s Hip Hop in a Sneaker

Inspired by ‘80s hip hop style, these shoes feature a no lace design on top of the classic and timeless superstar silhouette. From the bustling streets of New York in the ‘80s where groups such as Run DMC weren’t just at the forefront of music but also pioneers of casual, street ready fashion. Among this pioneering of casual, considered street style was the now iconic superstar shoe. Now recreated with an exaggerated fat tongue and with the option to lace them or not, the shoe is perfect for those looking... Read More


R.M Williams, 1932 to Now.

The brand was originally founded by RM Williams himself, an Australian bushman and entrepreneur who elevated to become a hugely successful businessman. In 1923, aged just 15, RM decided to pack up all his belongings and head for a new life in the outback. He took to the outback immediately and began to set up a happy and fulfilled life there. Although he was having to work countless jobs to get by, all the skills of these roles held him in good sted for life and taught him some of the most valuable lessons of his whole career.


AMI SS20: What To Expect

ABOUT AMI was originally founded in 2011 by Parisian designer Alexandre Mattiussi. The brand offers a blend of casual and chic that is said to blur the boundaries. The stylish brand is named AMI, meaning friend in French, for its relaxed yet authentic approach to fashion. Each and every design reflects their values of this young, cool yet carefree identity and with every season, it just becomes more evident. After winning the ANDAM prize, one of the most prestigious awards in fashion, Alexandre continued his path to success and continues... Read More


Levi’s, The Fit and Brand Explained

Levi’s first began back in 1853, this is when Levi Strauss along with his brothers, opened their very own dry goods business to serve the small general stores of the American West. However, it was not until 1873 that blue jeans were born. Levi Strauss & Co. and Jacob Davis receive a U.S. patent for ‘improvement in fastening pocket-openings.’ By adding metal rivets...


Naked & Famous: The Brand, Fit & More

Naked and Famous is prided on spending their time solely dedicated to crafting and sourcing the finest fabric and turning this into the best denim of the highest quality and style. The brand travels to Japan throughout the year to continue to always find the finest fabrics, to working closely with denim mills to ensure they are always innovating their denim to glow in the dark, to cashmere blends and more.


None of the Above, contemporary without conformity

Renowned for creating timeless fashion with only the finest materials from around the world, None of the above is a brand to watch this season. and more to come. Sourcing only ethical weaving mills for all their production, it is clear at the forefront of all their designs is authenticity and honesty. Being lead by a team of designers with over 30 years of experience with the fashion industry, all their collections although vary in products, all stay true to their core values of classic style, exceptional quality and understated iconic fashion.