Emily Butler


Monitaly | SS21 Collection

From a young age Yuki Matsuda, the founder and head designer of Monitaly was inspired by early Americana designs, particularly those from the 1950s and was soon an avid collector of heritage Americana clothing. He was interested in American vintage as there was a closer attention to detail on the use of quality fabrics, however, he frequently altered the pieces as he found the shapes of the clothes to be at times odd and unflattering. Eventually, he decided to cut his losses and make his own clothing with the same quality materials but with more updated and modern silhouettes. Since 1989, he has been designing clothing that is focused on updating these vintage


Karhu, in a field of it’s own

Karhu goes back all the way to 1916. Since then, the brand has innovated trainer and apparel silhouettes each and every season. Although the brand adapts to new trends, the Karhu Originals still give a nod to their heritage. Uniquely, Karhu does not just recreate silhouettes from the past, they use them as a foundation to then adapt to meet their current standards and aims. The brand first became known for its record breaking running trainers.


Malin + Goetz, Hand Poured Candles From NYC

Inspired by traditional apothecary ingredients and favourite memories, their candles are made with high-quality perfume oils and a vegetable wax blend. Hand poured in Brooklyn by a father-and-son team, the candles have a clean, slow burn that fills any space with an intense and long-lasting scent. Suitable for burning alone or in unexpected pairings for a unique experience. After the wax has burned through, our glass vessels can even be cleaned and upcycled as beautiful drinking glasses or decorative containers.


Edwin Jeans and The Story of Japanese Denim

The history of Edwin jeans isn’t just a history of the brand but also of denim production in Japan itself. Japan post-war isn’t best known for its obsession with denim and American fashion in general, but a small movement of young men were determined to move away from the restrictive fashion of war torn Japan to embrace an international look.



Tohru Yamai has led the company since 1980. Although he has retained those values of greatness from his Father, Tohru Yamai has pioneered the company and improved it’s innovation of each and every product. Yamai makes clear that Snow Peak truly embraces their customers' perspective, through vigorous feedback and practical testing, the products only evolve to get better each and every season. Uniquely, Snow Peak even hosts an annual ‘Snow Peak Way’ campout and their headquarters throughout the world. This initiative is not only a chance for everyone to build connections but it is also an opportunity to foster a close knit community of like minded outdoor enthusiasts.


Shoes Like Pottery: The Process

A skilled craftsman attaches the upper to the outsole according to the shape of the last, and then puts a tape around it. This process is impossible to do by machine, therefore each pair is done by hand. Shoes Like Pottery outsoles are very flexible because they are made of raw rubber that feels like soft clay, supporting the shape of each shoe. Our rubber adhesive cements the outsole to the upper, creating a resilient and lasting shoe. Once fully assembled the shoe is arranged on a rack to get ready for vulcanizing in the kiln.


Carhartt WIP x Spalding, True To The Game.

The long awaited Carhartt x Spalding collaboration is set to drop tomorrow morning online at Stuarts London. For this latest collab, the two brands have joined together to create an iconic Spalding ball with a camo Carhartt twist. The basket ball features multiple contrast panel features with muted purple, camo, black and sand. At the centre the Carhartt logo sits firmly in black. Carhartt is renowned for creating out of the box products and for creating collabs with some iconic brands of today. Spalding is their latest and it does not disappoint.


Stan Ray | “honest clothing for no fuss, hard working lifestyles”

Another brand is set to drop online at Stuarts London, Stan Ray. Stan Ray is simply designed for wear, movement and work. A bold take on classic workwear, Stan Ray provides us apparel and accessories that are both practical yet stylish. Each piece has been crafted for ‘rough work’ and lateral living - meaning, it's there to see you through the test of time. Throughout their brand, it is also clear that they feel the true uniqueness of the clothing comes directly from the wearer and how they mould the clothing to match their lifestyle.