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Manners maketh the man, or so the saying goes. You could probably get by without them but, even if you were perfect in every other way, ill manners would mean you wouldn’t get very far. I believe the same is true of accessories; they maketh the outfit. You could be wearing a razor sharp suit, a pair of jeans that fit you like a glove, or the very finest knitwear, but get your accessories wrong and you’ll end up looking wrong or, at the very least, not quite right. And... Read More


Paul Smith Jeans & John Smedley Help put some colour into you wardrobe

I don’t mind winter. I think it’s rather enjoyable to experience a change in season and, let’s be honest, it is an excuse to don a few more layers and get a bit more creative with your styling. From the winter jackets I talked about in September, to mixing it up with chunky knits and other seasonal pieces. However, what I do object to is the way that, as soon as the leaves fall from the trees and nature’s colour palette goes into hibernation, everyone suddenly seems to look as... Read More

Fred Perry fairisle sweater 02/11/2013

Jumper-round | New Season Mens Knitwear

As it’s now November I reckon it’s safe for me to mention the J word. Jumpers. That’s right, gents, it’s knitwear season. It’s time to don a garment made of nature’s woolliest mammal and keep yourself toasty until the winter’s over, (which will probably be sometime in late March). Now I know what you’re thinking; winter knits = hideous Christmas jumpers like great aunt Flo used to make. And while it’s true that some festive offerings can make you look like Noel Edmonds circa House Party Christmas Special 1994. I... Read More


Brooklyn We Go Hard | Parisian Fashion | Stuarts London

Brooklyn We Go Hard, or BWGH, is one of the more recently additions to the Stuarts London stable. Founded by two friends from Paris who describe themselves as ‘passionate about new horizons’, the pair in question began exploring urban culture in order to create a truly authentic label. Since its inception in 2010, the label has endeavoured to highlight the work of rising stars on the cultural scene, from curating events, creating a crew of young photographers and producing their own biannual magazine. But that’s not why you’re reading this... Read More

Armani Jeans 19/10/2013

Armani Jeans | Planning Ahead For Your Festive Wardrobe

A good pair of jeans are a must for any gent’s wardrobe, and with the festive season fast approaching, now’s as good a time as any to start thinking about a wardrobe refresh before the parties start. My particular denim preferences are as varied as the lines we stock over at Stuarts London, and the season and occasion determine my choice as much as the jeans themselves. However I do have a soft spot for two particular designers, Paul Smith and Armani. Armani Jeans is probably the chicest and cleanest... Read More


A Man for All Seasons. (Or How to Dress for British weather)

 The British like nothing better than to talk about the weather. Below we have selected a “few fashion essentials” for your wardrobe, which will work all year around no matter what the weather.  ——– If amateur meteorology were an Olympic sport, our little island would win gold every time. This, however, isn’t really a surprise when you think of our weather which is, for want of a more sophisticated word, weird. The last few years have seen our weather patterns become a little unpredictable. Earlier this year we had an April... Read More


Schott NYC | To The Heart | We talk to Darren Harris of Schott Bros

The Schott brand has been around for a while, 100 years, to be precise. In recent years, however, the label has sunk below the radar. Schott was last a strong presence in the UK in the late 90s and early 2000s, famed more for the velux, neoprene hoodies adoring the backs of suburban youth than for the motorcycle and military jackets on which it built its name. By its own admission, the brand had devalued itself. Much like Burberry, it’d become too accessible, which may’ve helped profits in the short-term... Read More

London Fashion Week 20/09/2013

London Fashion Week – My Take

Our Fashion Week has just wrapped up, and what a week it’s been. The celebrity count’s been higher than at a red carpet premier. Spots include Anna Wintour, head of fashion for the entire world, as well as fashion royalty such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. With all the slebs, and parties and ridiculous-looking hipster folk from east London, it’s easy to forget that these weeks do serve a purpose. It’s an opportunity for designers to show off their wares, and some of what you see on that catwalk... Read More


British Rain vs Men’s Fashion

There are but three things one can be certain of in life – death, taxes and British rain.   I won’t dwell on the former two, but writing today the third sticks firmly in my mind.   You see I hired a bicycle today. When I unhooked my Boris special the sky was a shade of grey, marl perhaps – no darker than that. By the time I finished my journey the sky was a foreboding, gunmetal grey, and then the skies opened. I felt, at one point, as if... Read More


The Warmest of Winter Jackets | Canada Goose

Have you ever wondered what the best winter jackets are? I’d argue the line from Canada Goose is cream of the crop, and here’s why. The Canadian goose is a hardy bird. Living in the colder parts of Canada, a country not famed for it’s year-round warmth, it’s been known to make the journey across the Atlantic during its annual migration. A delicate cockatiel in a gilded cage it most certainly isn’t. So it’s rather apt that the founders of Canada Goose chose the bird as their brand’s name. Canada Goose has... Read More