Adidas: Get on the good foot

IS THERE anyone out there who does not like Adidas? Anyone amongst you who has not aspired as a kid to save up enough money to get their first pair, possibly Gazelles? Anyone amongst you who has not looked dreamily through shop windows at the latest releases or paused for an irrational period of time on magazine page adverts or photo spreads? Anyone amongst you who has not walked with an extra spring in their step when they sported their new Adidas out for the first time and then panicked... Read More


Keeping up Down Under with RM Williams

FOR MANY, Australia is a country that is built on Jason and Kylie, Fosters lager, and Flaming Galah’s, the latter being a type of insult for a dumb person. I do like to make these blogs a cultural experience. Yes it is true the water down the toilet goes the opposite way to the UK when you flush, it’s true vast tracks of Australia are uninhabitable and it’s true that they invented the ‘Chelsea’ boot, or at least that is the claim, and who is going too argue??!! Well not... Read More


Doctor in the house (Dr Martens)

IT IS almost impossible to improve on perfection, I am a living example of that, not only did they break the mould, they knocked the whole factory down. But enough about my wonderful self, and more about this work of what must be seen as ‘The Icon’ of boots. Especially on these shores.   To what am I referring? Well, Dr Martens boots and footwear and somehow the unthinkable has happened, the British boot manufacturer that launched a thousands fashion styles and fights, has actually improved on the original air-cushioned... Read More


The fame game: Naked & Famous

IN SOME corners of our febrile society getting famous involves being naked, or getting naked, to make a Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton style sex tape, or simple to just push the boundaries of personal moral decency in some puerile and vain glorious attempt to gain some valuable magazine or newspaper column or internet hits or views. The two seems synonymously linked, but there is a much easier way to get close to the Naked & Famous  and keep your clothes on. The Japanese denim brand, which is all about rarity and uniqueness,... Read More


A welcome invasion: Norse Project

  THERE WAS a time, albeit in the early Mediaeval period, that’s about 8th century CE to you and me, that the thought of Norse invasion would have struck fear into any Anglo, well British heart to be precise. The term: ‘There goes the neighbourhood’ springs to mind as the great and good would run to the hills, well if nothing else, then as far away from any monasteries as possible. Now we are delighted to welcome those Norse gods over here and into our clothes shop, we are even... Read More

No, no, oh yes, it’s Novesta

EUROPE MAY well be on our door step and it may be the main topic of most news broadcasts, someone refusing to pay their ‘bail out’ loans, or some such nonsense, but when something as cool as the uber cool Slovak footwear Novesta, it all seems a million miles away. How could something that not only smacks of style, but affordability have been hidden from our gaze for so long? Well before we get all Mister Magoo on the subject or start hitting ourselves with sticks as some form of self-flagellation,... Read More

CP Company, fighting the good fight

IT IS of course no coincidence that the iconic Italian label CP Company has a military air to it, well, if you look at some of the latest offerings from the Italian stable, it is plain to see and is a definite return to form. It may not smack of front line action camouflage and all that, but there is definitely an air of R’n’R about the offerings from the lighter relaxed colours to stylings. The brand’s links with all things militaria goes back to its very beginnings in 1975,... Read More


Barbour hit new heights with collaboration | White Mountaineering

THERE ARE obvious things that suck in life, holidays being cancelled because your dog has attacked your annoying neighbour and now you face a long protracted court battle instead of sunning it up in Maui, scratching your works cars alloy wheels on day one or dropping your new mobile down the bog after a heavy night out, these things suck, or are at least minor irritations, especially as you always hated your neighbour. But surely the biggest thing to suck is when you find yourself stuck up a mountain, especially... Read More


What to wear for an evening’s entertainment

A subject I’ve yet to touch on in this blog is that of evening wear. I’m not talking about black-tie formalwear, where you don’t have to think about what you’re wearing, but party wear that requires a little bit of planning. Now I’ve always reckoned that girls have it a little easier than us boys when it comes to glad rags. The classic little black dress is a failsafe, and the sheer number and variety of cuts, styles and fabrics that women’s clothing comes in mean that girls really don’t... Read More


Stuarts London Raises its Hat to Isabella Blow

Those who dismiss the fashion world as a vapid, ivory tower for people whose mouths are made for pouting and air-kissing (rather than eating) and models with cold dead eyes of sharks and the personality of a flannel, must visit the spectacular Somerset House exhibition, celebrating the late Isabella Blow. This deeply personal and poignant show demonstrates the wit, warmth, soul, passion and tragedy that the industry is capable of, in every battered heel and hat – charred from lighting her cigarettes from dinner table candelabras – from the wardrobe... Read More