Stuarts London – SS17 Menswear Fashion Forecast

Yes we know you’ve only just started planning your A/W wardrobe, but with all eyes on the major fashion weeks at the moment, it’s time to look into the future to see what we can expect for S/S 17 trends. Although you may not want to follow in the footsteps of the over the top collections displayed by the major fashion houses, we’ve stripped back the exaggerated shoulder pads and in your face European prints to find the real undercurrent of what we think you’re going to be wearing when... Read More


Stuarts London Guide – How to wear prints and patterns

Whether you’re a fan of bold, bright prints or prefer to keep your style fairly muted, chances are you’ve found yourself worrying if you’re breaking one of the many men’s style rules. When it comes to patterns and prints, it can often seem like a minefield trying to work out what goes with what. We’ve been taught to stay away from horizontal stripes if we’re carrying some extra padding, or running in the opposite direction if an outfit contains two different prints. The thing is, the style rules that we... Read More


Modern Men’s Style Inspiration

What’s the first thing your reach for when you wake up on a morning? Chances are it’s not the morning paper, it’s your phone. On the morning commute, are you sat scrolling through your social networks? Whether it’s checking in with the photos from a heavy weekend, getting clued up on the news before you get to work or picking out some new threads for the weekend ahead, the internet is our go to source for everything we need. For men’s fashion, the internet has been a game changer, why... Read More


How Britpop still rules the men’s fashion world

It’s been 20 years since Oasis played their legendary Knebworth gigs. Over 250,000 people watched the two concerts that defined an era and cemented the dominance of Britpop on the decade. We’ve taken a look back to the days where the only rivalry that mattered was Blur vs Oasis, when parka jackets reigned supreme and the Mod influence took control of the ‘yoof’ once again. (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? For over two decades Britpop has made an impenetrable mark on the world of men’s fashion. Fusing together elements of... Read More


How To Find The Perfect Sunglasses

In preparation for the sunny weather coming up (fingers crossed), we are looking to what accessories are really essential for any man. Dependant on your style the finishing touches may differ, however when the sun hits and all that is on our mind are days out with friends, holidays, partying, and one too many beers, we know that we will be in need of a good pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses are so hard to get right, of course you can follow the trends but what it really comes down to... Read More


How To Dress For The Races

You’ve booked your tickets, arranged who’s going, booked your transport and now it’s time to decide what you’re going to wear. Don’t worry about what you can and can’t wear, here at Stuarts London we have put together a handy guide that will help you buy something new or add to what you’ve already got! The most obvious choice has to be a suit, the majority of these events expect you to dress smartly – it’s just part of the dress code. But that shouldn’t stop you experimenting with colour... Read More


7 ways to make your fragrance last longer

If you’ve recently splashed out on a new fragrance, chances are you’re looking for ways to make sure it lasts all day. The recent boom in sales of men’s fragrances shows that we all want to find that signature scent, but how long should you expect to be smelling fresh after a spritz? If you find your fragrance fading after just a couple of ours, we’ve got the tips you need to extend your wear and get the most out of your scent. Let’s start right at the beginning, when... Read More


Finding the Right Man Bag

Finding the perfect ‘manbag’ can be tricky. One wrong move and your designer satchel becomes less butch and more, clutch. Whether you’re looking for a bag to keep your work papers organised or a stylish gym bag to replace a tired, old rucksack. We have sourced the best ‘man bag’ tips from the styles experts and picked our favourites from the current Stuarts London bags collection. Function The first thing to do is work out what you want you will be carrying. One of the risks of having a bag... Read More


Best Picks for a Payday Splurge

After a long, stressful month what better way to utilise payday than to treat yourself to something new. Don’t worry if you haven’t got an occasion or holiday to plan ahead for, here at Stuarts London we have picked a few of our favourites to get you prepared for that payday spree! A modern masterpiece the Y-3 Qasa High is one of the most progressive designs of footwear for the brand for many years. Intricate details are fused with a classic high top silhouette to achieve a sleek looking representing... Read More


Follow the Style Pack – 2016 Top Summer Holiday Destinations

It’s getting to that time of year where summer holidays are on everybody’s minds. It’s been a long winter and although the worst of the cold weather seems to finally be behind us (touch wood!), many of us are already longing for summer. Planning, considering or simply fantasizing about a relaxing summer holiday abroad is just what we Brits need to get us through those rainy spring days. And what better way to choose where to holiday abroad than by looking at some of our fave celebrities favoured destinations? If... Read More