Greencast Slub Selvedge From Naked & Famous

Raw denim connoisseurs Naked & Famous return with their latest creation – Greencast Slub Selvedge. Crafted from 15 oz. Japanese Selvedge Denim, this fabric’s unusual greenish-blue tint and slub texture combine to provide an amazing colour and tone that will appeal to both raw denim experts & novices.

The distinctive hue of the Greencast Slub Selvedge denim is one of its most noticeable characteristics that first catches the eye. This effect is achieved by “top dying,” a two-step dyeing procedure in which the yarns are first rope-dyed with indigo and then overdyed with a coating of green. The final result is a distinctive greenish-blue colour that isn’t present in regular denim jeans with the additional layer of green adding a lovely depth of colour.

Similarly to all great Naked & Famous creations, slub yarns steal the show when it comes to the denims texture. Because the thickness of these yarns varies, the fabric displays textural changes & the yarns absorb varying amounts of indigo dye – adding to the variation in hues across the cloth. Far from being defects, these so-called “imperfections” lend character to the jeans, making each pair distinctively textured.

The Slub Greencast Selvedge jeans have indigo and white neps throughout, which are little knots in the yarn that show up as spots in the fabric. These characteristics may have been deemed faults in past versions of jeans, but they are now embraced as historic qualities that bring authenticity and old-world charm to the fabric. If you like vintage detailing, you’ll love these neps when you flip the cuff and take a closer look.

The Greencast Slub Selvedge also boast a profusion of design features in addition to the eye-catching colour and texture: Flip up the coin pocket to reveal a secret selvedge ID, a subtle touch for you to appreciate, whilst a conventional button fly completes the traditional style of the jeans. YKK custom-made all of the antique copper-coloured hardware in the United States, with Naked & Famous branding on the buttons and ‘Je T’adore Toute Nue’ detailing on the rivets. A lovely tobacco leather patch provides warm tones to the entire silhouette.

If you’re in search of a pair of jeans that can offer more than just the norm, the Greencast Slub Selvedge from Naked & Famous are a great addition to any selvedge collection. Shop our full Naked & Famous collection below, available online & in-store now at Stuarts London.

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