Flower Mountain x Kish Kash

Flower Mountain & London based trainer fanatic Kish Kash have teamed up to bring a limited run capsule of the Back Country, envisioned by the DJ bearing the same name. The silhouette embodies a fusion of the hip-hop music realm with the brand’s iconic Japanese style & charisma.

The shoe colourway is based on the contrasting streets of London he grew up surrounded by, taking inspiration from the natural flora peaking through the concrete cracks all around the capital.

London DJ Kish is a renowned trainer collector himself, having previously mentioned he estimates owning over 2000 pairs of trainers. Speaking on his collab with Flower Mountain Kish explained that the vision was born from “vivid memories of growing up in a small town but heading into London on the train as a kid and its snapshots of those distinctive images which fuelled my inspiration behind this collection“.

Each pair of trainers that Kish Kash creates is transformed into a work that expresses the urban and metropolitan world. This compilation depicts the special synthesis created by the power of music, the tenacity of the streets, and the beauty of nature.

This exclusive Back Country iteration is also part of the capsule created with the Dandelion Mountaineering Association, crafted from a waterproof technical fabric, with ultralight rubber sole and fluorescent compound & heat-sealed seams for a perfect seal even in outdoor environments. 

Also crafted from premium suede & 3M, the colourway symbolises the wild flowers & fruits which grow next to the train tracks, city rivers and canals as they attempt to reclaim their environment. In addition, the soles are glow in the dark which represent the street lamps at night. The shoes come with spare laces to switch up the look & a reflective key ring so they don’t get lost at night.

Shop the Kish Kash Back Country & our full Flower Mountain collection below, available online & in-store now.

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