RoToTo – Cozy Socks From Japan

Born from the unity of yarn, knitting machines, and human hands & recognised as one of the pioneers of cozy double faced socks, RoToTo encompass everything there is to love about Japanese craftsmanship. Produced in areas renowned for being prospering textile production hotspots, the label have stuck close to their roots using the finest yarns & techniques.

RoToTo socks are all manufactured in Japan, more specifically in Koryo Town, Nara Prefecture, Yamatotakada City, Kashiba City, and Gose City, which boast the largest production volume of socks in Japan. It is said that the regions’ textile influence stems from a sock knitting machine was brought back by a man from the former Umami Village (now Koryo Town) who visited the United States for inspection – before full scale sock production began in 1900.

With the passing of time and changes in lifestyles, socks manufacturing has spread as a new industry to replace textiles, which had been forced to decline. Because of this history and origins, the knitting of socks is still known widely as “weaving” in these areas. To this day RoToTo put the utmost importance on manufacturing their products in a way that is born out of discussions & opinions of craftsmen who have inherited this history and tradition of the regions.

The very first step of manufacturing any product begins with selecting a yarn base layer, often constructed from fabric blends – again using the opinions & experience of the local craftsmen. Then, select a knitting machine according to the yarn and purpose, these can vary from modern special knitting machines, old-fashioned non-computerized knitting machines, and state-of-the-art knitting machines.

RoToTo’s socks can be made only with a combination of the right materials, the right machine and craftsmanship., with an aim to preserve the tradition inherited from their ancestors. RoToTo envision the future as a ‘sock production area’ with a bigger focus for consumers on high quality socks.

The iconic round ring that comes attached to their socks not only acts as a display hook, avoiding the need for plastic, but is also designed from the sewing waste that comes out during the toe knitting stage, with the different colour variations representing the size – also making it easier at a glance to spot which size to chose when in-store shopping.

The major sock production area based around Koryocho has been donating such fabric waste to welfare institutions across Japan on demand, because the waste is used for physical rehabilitation and various cultural activities. Nara Prefecture also promotes projects to remake the bands into bath rugs, small containers and cushions used on benches at the local train stations. The bands can be used in thousands of ways.

Many of the latest models from RoToTo now also boast organic cotton construction pile-lined knitted soles – providing extra cushioning & sweat absorbing properties. Nylon-blend fabric constructions also provide excellent durability, with loosely knitted hems a common feature across the collection for enhanced comfort.

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