Limited Edition Barbour International, A Brief Comparison

Here at Stuarts we are proud to present our showcase Jacket for the upcoming Winter, a limited edition Barbour International Union Jack Wax – crafted exclusively for Stuarts London. Here we are going to take a look at some of the differences in this limited edition iteration & also what fan favourite features we left untouched.

The first & most obvious difference is Barbour’s famous wax cotton outer shell. The limited edition Stuarts model features a discontinued olive green wax outer shell, once used back in the 1900s before black became the default colourway of the silhouette. No longer used by the brand, it means this model is now the only Barbour Union Jack Wax Jacket in the Dark Olive colourway available to purchase worldwide .

The next subtle difference the team at Stuarts made was opting for a slightly difference button finish. Usually finished in a gloss gold, ours boasts a matt black finish – giving the jacket a slightly more understated and classy feel & adding versatility.

The Iconic Union Jack Flag remains untouched. In keeping with Stuarts & Barbours respective British heritage, it felt only right to leave such an iconic aspect of the Wax Jacket as close to original as possible.

Another slight difference is the next closure buckle. The standard buckle used on Barbour’s current collections is a metallic black with a silver pin. Again, for a more understated look, the Stuarts team opted for a matt brown metallic buckle & copper effect pin – still keeping the leather trim. This change also continues over to the

How To Care For Your Barbour Jacket

How often your Barbour waxed cotton jacket will need re-waxing depends on the amount and type of wear it goes through. To ensure a long lifespan it is essential that you check your Barbour jacket(s) regularly, say once a month, to ensure that there are no dry areas where wax may have worn away. Pay particular attention to critical areas such as the shoulders, seams and places most subjected to friction – for example pockets or creases in sleeves.

Wax appearance may change during wear & re-heating the jacket slightly after wearing with a tumble dryer for 2-3 minutes or a hairdryer can help to restore the original outer shell wax colour. From time to time the whole garment will need re-waxing using Barbour Wax Thornproof Dressing. Only use the genuine Barbour dressing as substitutes are invariably less effective and can permanently damage the garment if used incorrectly.

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