Karhu Northern Lights Pack

KARHU, translating to “bear” in Finnish, is a leading running brand, and has provided technical running and outdoor gear for 100 years. With an authentic heritage in athletics and a deep connection to the outdoors, KARHU follows the Finnish principles of design simplicity and running purity. The labels’ shoes have been worn on the feet of the greatest Finnish runners, including Paavo Nurmi and five Boston Marathon champions.

This autumn has seen Karhu release several outdoor-themed footwear collections. To close out the season, they have saved the grandest natural inspiration for last – Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights pack includes a uniquely illuminating colourway of the iconic Fusion 2.0.

The Northern Lights are an atmospheric phenomenon considered by most to be the pinnacle of sky watching. If you are lucky enough to catch them, you’ll be treated to a rare sight of beautiful colours swirling across the sky in dynamic patterns. This brilliant display of polar light is predominantly viewed near the Arctic Circle in places like Alaska, Canada, Sweden, Finland & in some instances they have been sighted in Scotland.

The Northern Lights pack seeks to capture these distinct atmospheric colours and take them from the skies to the streets. Both silhouettes in the collection draw from the very same palette of rich pinks, greens & blues that can be seen flickering across those night skies. Additionally, each pair comes with it’s own special edition box and set of footbeds featuring glow in the dark print.

Shop the Northern Lights Pack & latest arrivals from Karhu below, available online & in-store at Stuarts London.

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