MIZUNO | Wave Rider 10 Premium

Brothers Rihachi and Rizo founded Mizuno in 1906 as a result of their shared love for the Western sporting tradition at Osaka’s Heart. As the brand’s recognition increased, so did its hold on a number of well-liked sports, including, among others, football, tennis, golf, and athletics. For some of the most well-known athletes in the world, progressive products have been created from the beginning, with an emphasis on sustainability through increased production and performance technology after that.

Yuan Lee’s Wave Rider 10 was developed in 2007 to commemorate a decade of the Wave Rider line for the neutral runner looking for a cushioned but responsive ride. Mizuno’s thermoplastic Wave Technology insert is ingrained into the DNA of this style beneath perforated suede and vintage styling, giving a unique blend of cushioning, stability, and energy return.

Mizuno’s tenth generation of the Wave Rider model has gained a cult following, thanks to a timeless design, modern technology, and wearable history that epitomises the Japanese brand’s Sportstyle collection.

A contrasting approach to footwear architecture can sometimes result in a product that promotes the greater good. Mizuno’s undeniable ability to predetermine the perfect point of neutrality between soft shades, tonal colours and elevated craftsmanship appears front and centre within this capsule, creating a product that can be sustained solely on build quality and positions itself as one of many strings to Mizuno Sportstyle’s bow.

The Wave Rider 10 Premium returns in a trio of fall hues, bringing back Lunar Rock, Silver Pine, and Khaki infusions into action, gratifying the seasoned taste of Fashion-forward footwear lovers as Mizuno ramps up for the Christmas period. Each pair has tonal Runbird branding, perforated suede at the toe, and a tightly-woven mesh placed across both the medial and lateral sides.

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