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The long awaited Qatar world cup is in now in full swing. After the Lions’ impressive win in their opening game against Iran, the expectations & excitement for the tournament is climbing. Being the first tournament to be hosted in the winter months, it’s the perfect excuse to put a new outfit together for layering up over the next few weeks.

Here at Stuarts we are proud to provide a long list of brands that rose to fame during the 80s casuals & dressers era. First spotted on the back of English away day fans travelling to Europe, the football fan look became synonymous with the iconic casuals brands that remain ever popular today. Check out some of our favourite casuals brands & looks below available at Stuarts London.

Fila Vintage

Founded in 1911 by the Fila brothers, Fila originally looking to solely cater for people who lived in their local village in the Italian Alps. Throughout the 80’s Fila BJ track tops and polo shirts were very popular within the Football Casual scene, and have enjoyed a recent revival after being featured alongside another 80’s favourite Sergio Tacchini, in the film “The Business”.

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Sergio Tacchini

Another former tennis star, Italian Sergio Tacchini launched his designer clothing brand in 1966. The brand first came to the spotlight in the 70s and 80s when the likes of Jimmy Connors, Ilie Nastase and John McEnroe started to wear the colourful attire on court.
Sergio Tacchini soon become a fan favourite on the Football Casual scene in the 80s as the interest in high-end European sportswear began to take root on the terraces of Britain after away day fans travelled the continent.

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Having expanded through the years to incorporate more clothing lines, Lacoste became prominent on the football terraces throughout the 70s & 80s. Known for their sweaters, knits – or famous polo shirts, the green crocodile motif logo originated from founding tennis player René’s nickname “Le Crocodile”.

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Fred Perry

Similar to Lacoste, Fred Perry has it’s origins in tennis shirts and was founded by a star of the sport. When the fledgling mod movement of the 50’s and 60’s took off, by actively embracing the fashion market of those consumers who enjoyed the durability of the honeycomb cotton fabric and it’s smart aesthetics, Fred Perry became a staple brand of the Football Casual diet. The Fred Perry Reissues collection pays homage to this era through archived designs & colourways.

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Pringle Of Scotland

Pringle was established as Waldie, Pringle & Wilson in 1815, and have spent more than 190 years developing one of Scotland’s most iconic brands. Pringle developed it’s heritage through golf wear like fellow Scottish & casuals favourite brand Lyle & Scott.
Pringle was arguably at the height of it’s popularity with the Football Casual back in the 70’s and 80’s when the likes of Tony Jacklin, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player sported the popular v-neck jumpers out on the golf course. The brand is now a popular brand amongst vintage lovers & dressers, with their recently released archive collection featuring archived argyle & knits from this era.

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Lois Jeans

Lois was created in 1962 and quickly became one of the most popular European brand of jeans. Celebrities endorsements over the years have come from the likes of Bjorn Borg and Johan Cruyff & the brand took off very quickly in the 70’s, achieving acceptance in Spain and France, as well as the football terraces of England.
Lois jeans and jumbo cords, in various styles and colourways, took off in Football Casual culture in the late 70’s and early 80’s, and worked perfectly with a great pair of vintage New Balance or Diadora trainers.

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In 1978, Bjorn Borg became the first tennis player to complete a Wimbledon hat-tick since Fred Perry. The sight of Bjorn Borg eventually winning 5 straight championships left an indelible mark upon some. His elegance in Fila tracksuits & Diadora training shoes had many admiring aspirants & the addition of Borg’s signature to the trainers in 1978 gave them instant appeal and resulted in a keen following of the brand throughout and past the 80s.

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Check out our casuals brand list below to give your wardrobe that beloved 80s casuals look ahead of the 2022 World Cup.

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