Discover the Most Popular Men’s Boots this Autumn/Winter

At Stuarts London, we have you covered if you’re looking for brand-new Autumn/Winter footwear as we reveal the most popular men’s boots for AW22. As we head into the new season and the weather turns colder, it’s time to bring back our winter wardrobe. A key change in your seasonal attire is footwear; the sandals and shoes are gone, and out come the boots.

Autumn/Winter boots tend to be water resistant, hard wearing, durable, comfortable, but most of all, fashionable. To help you prepare for Autumn/Winter this year, we’ve looked at the best men’s boots based on what styles people are searching for online. Whether you’re looking for something you can wear every day or dress up for special occasions, keep reading to learn more about the best Autumn/Winter boots for men.

The best men’s boots revealed

We stock a wide range of men’s boots from leading worldwide heritage brands at Stuarts London. We’ve reviewed online search data over the past 12 months and collated a list of the best boots for men for Autumn/Winter 2022/23. Here are this season’s top picks.

Hiking Boots

Whether you’re walking the streets of London or exploring a hilly mountain range, men’s hiking boots are designed for durability and longevity. The range available at Stuarts London has fashion and functionality in mind, making them the most sought-after boot for Autumn/Winter. Rugged and great-looking, you can dress men’s hiking boots up or down depending on the occasion.

Our Product Pick: Paraboot Avoriaz Boot – Bison

Leather Boots

Due to the robust and sturdy material, leather boots are perfect for unpredictable weather conditions. Boots made with leather uppers allow you to step into style, whether you’re looking to dress up a casual outfit or make formal attire more comfortable. Our leather boots are available in various styles, including Chelsea boots, hiking boots and work boots.

Our Product Pick: Magnanni Beckam – Grey

Chelsea Boots

Despite being a mid-60s MOD-era style staple, Chelsea boots are still a popular footwear choice today. The elasticated side panelling and pull tab loop make these boots instantly recognisable and allow the wearer to slip their foot in effortlessly. Chelsea boots are ideal for casual and formal occasions, and with various styles, materials and colours to choose from, you’re sure to find a pair that suits your preferred trend.

Our Product Pick: Uncle Bright Square Cuban Chelsea Boot – Black

Slip-on Boots

The beauty of men’s slip-on boots is that they provide effortless style and comfort, hence why they’re so popular for Autumn/Winter. Slip-on boots can be paired with jeans and carry any outfit from day to night. Popular styles include those in brown and black due to their versatility and ability to complement Autumn/Winter tones.

Our Product Pick: Blundstone 585 Chelsea Boots – Rustic Brown

Ankle Boots

Men’s ankle boots are another versatile footwear staple for Autumn/Winter. Often boasting a rugged appearance with a rock-and-roll edge, ankle boots are perfect when you’re still determining what the weather will do. Whether you opt for a lace-up, slip-on or zip-up style, ankle boots allow men to dress an outfit up or down. Again, the most popular colours include darker tones such as black and brown.

Our Product Pick: Timberland Euro Hiker – Brown

Chukka Boots

Classic chukka boots are identified by their ankle height, iconic sole and round-toe design, all of which help to make this a versatile and comfortable shoe. British soldiers first wore chukka boots in Africa during WWII, though they have recently become a staple in modern men’s fashion. Most chukka boots come with flat soles and two or three eyelets, though some have a small heel to provide extra height and style.

Our Product Pick: Astorflex Rampiflex Boots – Militare

Moc Toe Boots

Originating in the 1950s, moc toe boots were designed to withstand the daily rigours of working on the farm and in the factory. They’re now a popular style staple recognised for their crescent-shaped stitching on the toe. Moc toe boots are inspired by the construction of “moccasins”, originally worn by the North American Algonquin Indians.

Our Product Pick: Red Wing Classic Moc Toe Boot – Briar

Dress Boots

Autumn/winter sees a wide range of celebrations, from winter weddings to festive parties. Men’s dress boots are a footwear must-have, allowing you to be ready for any formal occasion where you need to look presentable and on-trend. No matter the colour or material, men’s dress boots are designed to be comfortable and stylish.

Our Product Pick: R.M Williams Comfort Turnout Suede Chelsea Boots – Brown

Which brand is best for men’s boots?

With nearly two dozen boot brands available online at Stuarts London, there are plenty of leading labels to choose from. Five of the most popular brand of men’s boots we offer include:


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