Nigel Cabourn x TIMEX Desert Watch

Nigel Cabourn, the British menswear designer, has collaborated with Timex, the legendary wristwatch. TIMEX have collaborated with the company once more to bring you the Desert Watch, the latest in a long line of military-inspired watches. The Desert Watch is inspired by WWII while giving the appearance and functionality to resist any condition.

Featuring a white military-style dial with army green markings and the broad arrow design characteristic with Cabourn military insignia, offered on a neutral Ventile cotton strap, a natural barrier against damage during harsh weather. This set includes an extra striped slip through strap and is wrapped in our signature military style carrying box, making it a set worthy of the past yet updated for today.

Nigel Cabourn, a British menswear designer, established his career on brilliant reinterpretations of antique military and utilitarian designs. So it’s no surprise that his latest Timex collaboration was inspired by World War II’s desert campaign, which was notably led by Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery. The Timex + Nigel Cabourn Desert Watch is a modern take on the watchmaker’s classic MK1. It has a 36-mm stainless steel case, mineral glass crystal lens, and quartz mechanism. The white dial features Cabourn’s characteristic broad arrow logo at 12 o’clock, as well as army green markings and an orange second-sweep hand. For years, broad arrows have been employed on military watches for easy readability, and they appear prominently on several of Cabourn’s designs.

This collection includes an extra striped slip-thru strap and is wrapped in our famous military-style carrying case – a set worthy of the past yet modernised for today. MK1 36mm SST Gift Set with Extra Strap Case made of stainless steel. Strap with a slip-through double layer of fabric. Ventile® Fabric slip-through strap. Ventile® Fabric Customized Pouch The Quartz Movement Crystal Mineral Glass Lens Water Resistant to 30m. 18mm Lug; 36mm Case White is the colour.

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