Mizuno – Japanese Design Meets American Baseball Heritage

Mizuno owes it’s name to Japanese founder Rihachi Mizuno. Following a trip to the US Rihachi discovered a new found love for baseball and decided to bring his passion of the sport back with him to Japan. He began selling baseball gear and sin 1906 Mizuno as we know it today was born.

The following 70 years saw the brand expand their offering hugely, providing equipment and clothing for a host of sports such as tennis, golf, skiing, track & field, football & more niche sports such as handball. Since the international running boom of the 70s Mizuno has recognised the value in scientific research to craft ergononic and high quality footwear & apparel that reflects their Japanese and US roots.

Thanks to that dedication to research the 80s saw the most significant result for Mizuno, in the form of what is now the iconic Mizuno Wave Technology. In those same years the graphic emblem of the brand known as the ‘RunBird’ was also born. This logo has lived on to not just be ‘a logo to decorate shoes’ but an emblem that symbolises Mizuno’s belief in the universal approach to sport.

Mizuno Sportstyle

Fast forward to 2018, Mizuno decided to hone their beloved love & spirit of sport into a dedicated sports footwear collection- known as Sportstyle. This new category repurposes the brands performance technology that has always been designed to aid athletes excel in their chosen sport.

The Mizuno Sportstyle collection celebrates the brands history & their never ending search for improvement. Whilst combining their time-honoured heritage the collection has modern flare throughout that speaks of quality. In Mizunos words, the perfect shoe to free-minded people that want footwear that are natural fits for their lifestyle.

Sky Medal OG

The Sky Medal OG has been a staple in the collection since it’s first appearance. The silhouette was first spotted in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics opening ceremony. One of the legends of athletics sports the Sky Medal & the model is not long released a year later. The colour variations from back then are still in play today, with the shoe being an nod back to those same models from the 90s.

Wave Rider OG

1998 represented a significant milestone for Mizuno’s historic timeline. The Wave Rider was released as the pilot silhouette for Mizunos Wave technology. The model is the definitive Mizuno style that remains just as popular today amongst runners as back then. Two decades on & the model still remains timeless with a modern twist that represents what you would imagine a Japanese & American heritage sneaker to look like.

Mizuno Wave Technology

Mizuno’s Wave technology is the universal footwear solution that guarantees a stable ride and greater dynamic cushioning. The Pebax material provides the noticeable Wave whilst giving exceptional resistance. The result is shock impact is distributed all over the shoe platform – therefore reducing risk of injuries. The Wave hape is highly engineered to be positioned where stability is needed in order to offer the best combination of cushioning and stability.

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