Baracuta G9

Baracuta G9 also known as the Harrington jacket is still considered to this day as one of the most iconic jackets in menswear fashion. Baracuta has made rainwear jackets since 1937 in England and was originally inspired by the sport ‘golf’ and was even seen worn by the king himself Elvis Presley. This iconic look is lightweight, waterproof and windproof, perfect for the spring to autumn seasons.  This Harrington jacket is so popular that it is seen worn by many celebrities such as golfing legend Arnold Palmer, Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen.   

Baracuta was founded in 1937 by two brothers John and Issac Miller from Manchester what makes the Harrington stand out is through the characteristic and distinctive tartan lining, designed by Lord Fraser and the unmistakable umbrella yoke motif on the back.   

Did you know the true meaning of G9 stands for 9 holes in a Golf course.

The history of the Baracuta brand originates here in the heart of Manchester, England. In the 19th century this city was once known as the “Cottonopolis’ because of it being the centre of the world’s cotton textile production, peaking in 1912 when 8 billion yards of cloth was produced. 

In the 1930s the Miller brothers introduced the Baracuta name as an independent brand, they created a variety of unique designs which had its own alphanumeric codename. Due to the success of the manufacturing business had landed them a spot in the Manchester’s social elite by becoming members of the golf clubs. This inspired the brothers to develop a product that allows sufficient freedom of movement when putting a golf ball without the restriction. The waterproof zipper jacket eventually became widely known as the “swing jacket’ in japan.

What makes the Harrington jacket an incredible piece of clothing? 

It’s a versatile piece of garment and can be both in style and functional.

Firstly this jacket is not your typical jacket, it can be seen as a classy casual or sportswear item. The Harrington jacket can be dressed up or dressed down, that’s what makes it such a versatile garment. It can be paired well with a simple plain t-shirt or a fancy button down shirt and tie. Whatever style can equally look good with the Baracuta G9. 

Secondly, what makes the Harrington jacket a staple piece is that it’s a seasonal jacket. The garment can be worn during the summer or winter seasons. The lightweight fabric ensures you won’t overheat as summer approaches and its windproof and waterproof allows cold wind to glide across the fabric.

Finally, the Harringtons jacket is known for the comfortability, mobility and the spacious inside the jacket. The jacket is great because it allows you to swing your arms and easily move around in order to complete certain activities. 

Baracuta jackets are known for its wide variety of rainbow colours, but the most popular colours used are the navy, natural and khaki. These colours are widely successful as it pairs best with denim and stands out the best inspiring and places where are dull all year round. 

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