Snow Peak Camping Essentials

Camping season is back, and we have a vast range of Snow Peak Camping gear and accessories to get you started on your outdoor adventure! The Japanese brand, Snow Peak, was founded in 1958 by Yukio Yamai, a mountaineer living in Sanjo City, Japan. Yukio had the idea to create his brand when he realised there weren’t enough options for climbing gear, Yukio named his company after a famous Japanese mountain, Tanigawa to show that the Snow Peak brand is all about challenging yourself outside.

Amenity Dome M

Kick off your exploring with a water resistance tent. The Amenity Dome M tent is a Japanese design tent perfect for four people. This tent has gone through rigorous testing to ensure top performance in all weather conditions.

Classic Kettle 1.8L

Stay warm with the Classic Kettle 1.8L. Made from durable Japanese stainless steel, the kettle features a sturdy handle and unique details such as a locking spout cover and hanger loop for easy pouring.

Titanium Fork And Spoon Set – Silver

Don’t forget your cutlery too! The Titanium Fork And Spoon Set are perfect for every meal, made from titanium this reusable cutlery set fits together inside a slim canvas case to take up minimum space in your bags.

Soft Cooler 38

Keep your food and drinks cold and fresh with the Largest Snow peak Soft Cooler. This cooler offers 38L of space, is easy to fold and store away, features insulated walls, an inner aluminium coating to trap cold air and is complete with a zipper closure and carry strap.

Double BBQ Box

Test your barbecuing skills in the great outdoors with the Double unit BBQ Box. With plenty of room for all your food, this BBQ is 605 x 360 x 175 mm and its unique design allows you to cook with variable temperatures, using the simple height adjustments tool.

Camp Mittens

The Camp Mittens is a versatile glove for both indoor and outdoor use. The lobster claw shape design gives you the dexterity with small items around the kitchen, while the leather material is durable and fire resistant allowing you to handle hot pots, charcoal, and firewood around the campfire.

Luxury Low Beach Chair – Ivory

Luxury Low Beach Chair – Grey

And finally, when you’re ready to lounge around and watch the stars the Luxury Low Beach Chair does the job. This chair has natural wood armrests and a canvas seat and is also stylish enough for your home or patio, it is foldable and comes with a compact case to save storage and is lightweight to easily carry wherever you go. Available in Grey and Ivory.

Here at Stuarts London, we stock a wide range of Snow Peak essentials, check out the rest of the collection below!

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