Snow Peak – Festival Picks

This festival season, accessorise your look with two timeless essentials from Snow Peak. Your festival attire should be both comfortable and acceptable for the weather and your surroundings. We’ve got two essentials every man needs at a festival, the Snow Peak Anorak Parka and the C/N Bucket hat, as worn by festival icon himself Liam Gallagher.

What are this festival season top picks?

C/N Anorak Lightweight Parka

The C/N Anorak, as seen on Liam Gallagher, is a breathable and incredibly lightweight outer layer made of a tightly woven cotton and nylon blend fabric with a crisp paper-like feel. It has a hood, a front D-ring, two huge front pockets, and an inside pocket for storage. It is cut slightly large to allow for flexibility and layering.

C/N Bucket Hat

The Indigo cotton bucket hat is made of nylon and will keep you shielded from the elements whether that be sunshine or downpours and due to it’s nylon construction it’s quick drying. It remains firm when necessary, yet has a soft feel that allows it to be easily adjusted into any shape.

Both pieces are part of the Cotton/Nylon collection & are all dyed using an intense natural Indigo or Sulphur dye. Using sulphur dye involves bleaching the material with a deep & rich tone via oxidation, where the dying takes place in conditions typically of 80-96 degrees Celsius. This dying process can reduce effects of sun bleaching that can discolour clothes in direct sunlight. Although sulphur dye is water insoluble, due to the natural dye extra care needs to be taken when cleaning the jackets as the dye can run and may transfer onto to other items if washed.

Liam Gallagher in Snow Peak Anorak Parka

Does Liam Gallagher wear the Snow Peak Anorak Parka?

Liam Gallagher has been noted to wear anoraks at his shows all year round, no matter what country or climate he is performing in. The singer is known for his anoraks & wears them as it allows him to ‘maintain his look’ whilst not getting too hot – as anoraks in general are typically some of the thinnest jackets available.

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