Game, Set, and Match! What to wear to Wimbledon

Whether you are lucky enough to be on Centre Court or if you are watching from the comfort of your own home – one thing is for certain, you can’t beat the Wimbledon excitement. A favourite sports event for celebrities and the stylish alike, the quintessential British Tennis tournament is one that we look forward to specifically to see the outfits. To make sure that you dress to impress at an event as iconic as Wimbledon, we have collated some tips and tricks about what to wear and what to not wear as well as some outfits that you can replicate. 

Is there an official dress code for Wimbledon? 

There is no official dress code for Wimbledon spectators, but wearing some of the following garments will mean that officials could turn you away. 

Things that you shouldn’t wear to Wimbledon

  • Clothing with political slogans
  • Ripped jeans 
  • Dirty trainers
  • Sports shorts
  • Running vests

The regulations for athletes, however, are known to be strict. Some of the clothing regulations for Wimbledon athletes include white undergarments, entirely white shoes and no solid mass or panel of colouring. Visitors to more important matches at Wimbledon are expected to dress formally, with men typically wearing suits and ties and women wearing white dresses or summery outfits. 

What to wear to Wimbledon

When deciding what to wear to Wimbledon, you have a few avenues when styling your outfit for Centre Court. It all depends on your own personal styling choices, but we have a few options for you to consider when preparing for your fashion moment at Wimbledon. 

The old-money style

Old money styling and Wimbledon go hand in hand. An aesthetic that is classic and gives the look of wealth – old money styling for men can be achieved through staple and simplistic pieces.

When opting for the old-money aesthetic, make sure that you select garments that are understated. The whole point of old money styling is to be nonchalant – you wouldn’t catch Gatsby in a track top. It’s all about picking your moments. 

Choosing light colours such as pale blue, cream and white will give you a refined appeal and should be the base colours that you build your outfit around. 

The old money checklist should include a light pair of pants; browse our selection of beige trousers for a high-end look (but make sure you’re careful with your Pimms on Henman Hill when wearing these).

Next on the list should be a crisp and classic plain shirt, and if you want to go all out, why not choose a jumper and tie it in a knot around your shoulders.

Preppy in a polo

If you prefer styling your looks in a way that is classic but has a touch of contemporary style – the perfect choice for you is a polo. Easy to wear and versatile, a classic polo shirt is ideal for Wimbledon, and at Stuarts, we have a wide selection for you to choose from. 

There isn’t a contemporary brand that rivals Fred Perry when it comes to courtside apparel. Taking inspiration from tennis apparel and with an esteemed relationship with Wimbledon – we can’t think of a better choice. 

Discover a wide array of Fred Perry polo shirts within our collection at Stuarts London, available in a variety of colours to suit your summer aesthetic. You are sure to find the perfect fitting polo that gives you the edge in the seats, cheering on the world’s greatest tennis players. 

Other understated brands that you can explore to tap into the preppy polo shirt trend include: 

  • A.P.C. polo shirts – the latest collection of polo shirts from minimalist French designer A.P.C. features Cuban collars and sophisticated cuts that you can wear proudly, knowing you fit the style brief. 
  • Oliver Spencer polo shirts – boasting pastel colours that will give you a glow in the Wimbledon sun, the selection of Oliver Spencer polo shirts showcases classic British design at the top of its game. 
  • None of the Above polo shirts – soft, breathable and crafted from ethically sourced cotton; the range of None of the Above polo shirts includes classic colourways that will give you a timeless look. 

Pair your polo with some trousers for a smart casual look; alternatively, look for a pair of light-coloured jeans (make sure they don’t have rips) to complete the look. 

Style it out in a suit

You will find that a lot of gentlemen sitting in the stands at Centre Court like to dress in a suit. Sharp, sophisticated and suave – wearing a suit is a chance to show off your taste for sophisticated apparel, and at Stuarts, we have a few select pieces that will help you stand out. 

Browse our selection of button down shirts that you can use as a base colour for the rest of your suit. The collection features an array of colours, but opting for a block light colour is your safest option and will ensure that your look isn’t overpowering. 

Another way to make sure you look suave in the stands is by donning a pair of sunglasses. Within the range available at Stuarts, we have a curated selection of sophisticated eyewear brands such as Monokel & Oscar Deen that will take your look to the next level.

What footwear to wear to Wimbledon

Creating the perfect look continues with the style of footwear that you choose. At Stuarts, we have a range of footwear that you can choose from, including chunky derby shoes that you can wear with a range of styles. 

If you are wanting to impress at Wimbledon this year, make sure that you browse the selection of dress shoes that we have available. Our collection of dress shoes includes some of the finest designer names, including specialist brands such as Bass Weejuns and Clarks Originals

Find your perfect outfit for Wimbledon with Stuarts

Check out the full range of contemporary brands available at Stuarts London and create the perfect Wimbledon outfit that will make you stand out on Centre Court or Murray Mound. From preppy polo shirts & trousers to sunglasses that will make you look suave – we have everything you need for a stylish afternoon at the biggest Tennis event the world has to offer. 

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