Sebago x Engineered Garments

Engineered Garments is back with another incredible collaboration. This time, the brand has re-visited their ties with American-founded shoe maker, Sebago. The approach for this collaboration has been for Engineered Garments to use their unique twists of design, style and silhouettes on the iconic boat shoe from Sebago to create the Rossisland.

Sebago, History

The Sebago brand was founded in 1946 by three New England natives – Daniel J. Wellehan Sr., William Beaudoin & Joseph Cordeau. The very first model released was the hand-sewn penny loafer which was also the pioneering model for their patented welt construction. Fast forward 8 years to 1954 the company celebrated a milestone of 1 million shoes sold worldwide & began being stocked in Sears and Montgomery Ward – industry leaders in mail ordering & retail spaces, the primary shopping source for the rural country.

In 1970, Sebago® released their most recognisable model to date, the iconic ‘Dockside’ boat shoe. The boat shoes also featured that iconic patented welt construction as well as a slip-resistant rubber sole and non-corrosive brass eyelets. The Docksides have been seen worn by Pharrell Williams, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and Kate Middleton.

Engineered Garments, History

Engineered Garments also shares a US heritage similar to Sebago. The label was founded by Daiki Suzuki in New York in 1999, after taking inspiration from his years buying for the Nepenthes stores in their early stages – founded in 1988. Daiki combined the aesthetics of brands stocked their with his own vision to curate his own brand – Engineered Garments.

Despite being a US born & bred brand, Daiki was raised in Hirosaki – Japan. When Suzuki started to develop an interest in clothing as a child he would often read magazines such as POPEYE – the Japanese menswear magazine where brands from overseas were first put in the spotlight. Engineered Garments, as the name suggests, was born out of Suzuki’s reworking of vintage garments, adding or taking away features to make them feel more modern.

Sebago x Engineered Garments

Following the succession of two previous collaborations, the evolution of Sebago’s classic style once again meets the creative audacity of Engineered Garments, giving rise to a futuristic, neo-dandy capsule collection of 3 styles that play on the power of mirror imagery. At the centre of this stylistic experiment are Sebago’s signature Docksides, presented in multi-coloured suede and a leather-suede combo. Just like a cubist painting, these two styles mix materials and colours in a completely unique way, creating an unusual reflective effect between the left and right shoe.

Shop the Sebago x Engineered garments collection online & in-store from 28.05 – featuring the Rossisland Mix Eva in Brown Tan & Desert Tones.

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