Naked & Famous Left Hand Twill Selvedge

Naked & Famous are renowned for their collections of authentic Japanese Raw Selvedge. The philosophy of Naked & Famous was and still is to be known for how the Japanese denim looked, felt and produced – rather than who was wearing them or what is on trend presently. The idea behind using the raw Japanese denim was to give the customer a blank canvas so the jeans would be distressed naturally over time rather than providing pre-distressed jeans which Brandon compared to “buying a Ferrari covered in rust and scratches”. One of the most popular styles from the brand is the Left Hand Twill jeans.

Naked & Famous Left Hand Twill Selvedge

The Left Hand Twill Selvedge come in at a heavy 13.75oz and are put together via an indigo rope dyed construction technique. Rope dying is a process that involves repeatedly dipping the ropes of cotton into a bath of indigo dye. This process takes place before the yarns are woven into fabric & between dips, the cottons yarns are exposed to oxygen which results in the yarns taking the colour of the dye. Since the dye will not penetrate to the core of the yarn, the core will remain white, this means with age, wear & distress these white yarns will begin to come through – making each pair unique overtime.

The term ‘Left Hand Twill’ is a universal term within the selvedge industry that refers to the weaving during construction. It essentially means that the lines of grain run from the top-left hand-corner of the fabric towards the bottom-right hand-corner. The result is a more open-weave finish compared to right hand twill denim, meaning a generally softer and fluffy feeling, especially after washing & wearing them.

The left hand twill construction will provide a softer feeling denim when worn over time and will emphasize vertical fading with a more natural and blurry look. The Indigo dyed warp and white weft combined with a white stripe selvedge ID give these selvedge jeans a classic look. Shop the Naked & Famous Left hand Twill denim online & in-store at official stockists Stuarts London – available in a Weird Guy, Easy Guy & Super Guy fit.

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