Naked & Famous – Raw Cotton Slub Selvedge

Part of the brands SS22 collection, the Raw Cotton Slub Selvedge is Naked & Famous’ celebration of cotton in its most natural form. Undyed & unbleached, the 16oz selvedge features huge slubs running throughout, creating a texture unlike any other denim this colour.

Naked & Famous Selvedge

In addition to the unique texture, there are even little brown spots that can be seen throughout the selvedge. Although it may look like dirt on the jeans at first glance, it is infact real cotton seeds left intact during cotton processing to give the cotton yarns depth and character.

The jeans come in at a heavy 16oz, crafted from 100% authentic Japanese selvedge. It is also sanforized during production, meaning it has already been pre-shrunk and will not shrink further or lose its shape when caring for the jeans yourself. Due to this sanforization it is noted that the jeans will take roughly 2 weeks of wear to break in fully.

Due to the ecru colour of these cotton jeans, they won’t fade with age & wear but will ‘patina’. This is the effect of natural ageing to denim that characterises and makes them unique, as each pair will age different dependant on wear. This patina effect is typically pre-existing on denim jeans – for example the rips & burns seen on high street denim.

Naked & Famous UK

A thick roughout suede leather patch complements the warmth and texture of the denim, while a thick, bright red selvedge ID provides stark contrast. A hardcore denimhead’s fabric in a summery hue. Shop the Raw Cotton Slub Selvedge at the UK’s only Naked & Famous stockist, online & in-store now.

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