Edwin Jeans – From US to Japan

Edwin have been at the top of their denim game for over 80 years. The Japanese label utilized artisan methodology in the creation of its premium denim, and some 35 years before the word “artisanal” exist in consumer’s dictionary. Here is a glimpse at the heart, soul, and sweat, that goes into each pair of EDWIN denim jeans and their journey.

When was Edwin founded?

Edwin was founded in 1947 out of Tokyo by Mr. Tsunemi, an avid lover of classic American denim with a washed and worn feel. The journey actually started by importing US denim into Japan, as there was no denim manufacturing taking place in Japan at the time. The denim wave grew across Tokyo over the following decade and Mr. Tsunemi knew he could work his way into this industry.

In 1953 the first batch of Japanese produced denim was available to the open market, however these did not match up to the quality of the US jean companies who had perfected the technique over the previous 80 years. This disappointing introduction kept the demand high for Edwins imported denim until mass production stepped up its game over the following years and the brand seized US denim supply completely in 1961 to begin their own venture.

Not content to just produce another pair of blue jeans, Edwin’s Japanese denims were the heaviest in the world at 16oz and featured a rainbow selvedge – which has gone on to become a signature detail for the company to this day. After this success and growth the brand began to export their denim jeans worldwide in the 1970’s and have grown to become one of the most iconic and respected selvedge denim labels globally. The brand has branched out to focus on the European market and release a clothing range to sit perfectly alongside their classic denims. Today, one of the most iconic models from Edwin are the Nashville jeans.

The Edwin Nashville is a true classic. Once an integral part of the Japanese collection, the Edwin Nashville has remained unchanged over the past 20 years. Designed to be worn high on the hips as a traditional straight leg model with a high rise it offers a longer measurement than the standard of 86.5 cm for selvage denim jeans. This allows the jeans to be cuffed (turned up) in order to show the selvage finish without reducing the intended length of the jeans. Also of benefit when re-tailoring the pant without interfering with the cut of the jeans this jean is the prefect item for denim purists and for those who like to wear a traditional cut of denim.

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