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Arriving 2022 : The Autry Sneaker

The latest brand set to arrive online and in-store at Stuarts London is Autry, an 80’s brand being revitalised for 2022. To gain an insight into the upcoming sneaker, we sat down with the Buying Assistant here at Stuarts London to learn more about the brand, what to expect and how to wear it right.


The brand was initially founded in 1982 in Dallas. Making its mark boldly from the start, the shoe quickly became known as ‘the shoe with the American flag.’ However, with the brands constant innovations and bold design moves, the shoe also became known for its pioneering spirit within the sneaker market. Its bold nature was soon in front of everyone, making its debut in the most popular sporting and lifestyle magazines. In just a few years, this all-white sneaker with the American flag became the best selling athletic shoe brand in the whole of North America. The success only continued through the 80s and by 87’ the Autry sneaker was rated 5 stars by the Runners World magazine. However, the brand took a step back in the ’90s. Since 2019 the brand has finally started making moves again to relaunch.

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Interview: Ben [Head Buyer, Stuarts London]

Clean Cut With Low Key Detailing

How did you first hear about the brand?

We were actually in Paris in our buying season, the sneaker caught my eye as it follows that vintage sneaker aesthetic I love. After speaking with the designers there, it was obvious that the brand would align with style at Stuarts. That vintage, American sneaker style is a favourite of mine for sure. The brand grabbed my attention due to it’s past and the relaunch of the brand.

What excites you about the brand?

It has that lost background of old school vintage American style which is cool. The contrasting sole of the sneaker and the vintage aesthetic appealed to me and the American flag logo caught my eye and straight away wanted to know what was behind that. I could also tell it was from the 80s/90s era from its silhouette and design. The very vintage American feel makes this sneaker one to watch. At Stuarts, it has always been about the quality and not just the run of the mill sneakers that are about today. The authentic craftsmanship behind each sneaker is what made us buy these, the honesty behind it which our customer value. After presenting our ethos to the brand, it was clear they would be at home with Stuarts London. With just 10 accounts arriving in the UK, we are pleased to be the first.

What can we expect to be arriving? 

We have their most iconic style, the low sneaker. We have this coming in a few different styles of uppers, suedes and contrasting coloured heels. All styles are mirrored to their old school vibe. This will be their first drop since the 80s, March 1st at Stuarts London

What is the price point like?

Entry level is £120, which does make it an affordable sneaker of today and you can tell straight away that the detailing and quality is there. They are also so versatile, meaning you can get your wear from them across seasons. 

What do you wear with it?

Definitely a heavy twill chino, selvedge denim. A chore jacket with a checked shirt or oversized tee. Even a varsity jacket would pair so nicely with these Autry trainers. 

Style Guide for Autry Sneakers


Premium Low Key Trainer With A Good Price Point

What brands will pair nicely with the sneaker?

Carhartt WIP, Edwin, Universal Works, YMC, Norse Projects, Levis… They are such versatile sneakers, they are good for the winter or summer. That off white rubber sole is great for that. 

How would you summarise the Autry sneaker in a sentence?

A premium, low key sneaker that encompasses vintage American style with a great price point. 

What would you compare them to?

They are all a part of the same era of some of the icons, Jordans, Puma, Champion, Superstars, adidas basketball trainers… That true 80s icon sneaker that speaks for itself. 

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