Snow Peak SS22 Collection

Japanese brand Snow Peak is back this year with another collection of outdoor essentials for their SS22 capsule. Encompassing style and functionality, the SS22 collection at Stuarts ranges from 6 man tents to hand-milled titanium cutlery, suitable for all seasons.

Snow Peak was founded in 1958 on the west coast of Japans Honshy Island – in the Niigata Prefecture. The coastal capital city is known for its national parks, ski resorts and Onsen hot springs. The region is also extremely mountainous with peaks of 8,000 ft above sea level. Naturally, in such a rich environment, locals and the many annual tourists also required specialised outdoor equipment – this is where founder Yukio Yamai saw an opportunity and Snow Peak was born.

Mr Yamai was an avid and decorated mountaineer himself who often loved be challenged by the peaks of the prefecture’s famous Mount Tanigawa which summits at almost 6,500ft above sea level. As a consumer of mountaineering equipment and gear himself Yukio wasn’t satisfied with what was available to him on the market. He therefore took matters into his own hands and began designing innovative equipment with highly skilled craftsmen from his hometown of Tsubame Sanjo – an area renowned for its metalwork.

In 1980 the reigns were handed down to his son Tohru Yamai who sought to bring the Snow Peak audience out of the dramatic Japanese landscape and branch out internationally.  In 1999, Snow Peak established a small unit space in Gresham, Oregon in a bid to start the ball rolling on that objective of international recognition. Over the following two decades Snow Peak opened two stores, one in Portland, Oregon and another Soho, NYC.

The new outdoor equipment arrivals from Snow Peak this season encompass style and functionality with many boasting extreme weather capabilities. A prime example would be the TS Tent, built for all seasons it includes a water resistant tent & shelter that is also water repellent & can withstand heavy downpour with a water pressure up at least 1800mm.

To this day, every titanium milled product the brand produces is made out of the same Japanese town using similar production methods. The manufacturing process requires skilled and experienced metal workers due to the properties of titanium, the metal is difficult to flatten and mould into shape unless it has been rolled out correctly during preparation. It is also a lot more costly to use titanium compared to other alloy alternatives such as steel or aluminium, with the melting point of titanium being more than double of aluminium at 1,670 degrees Celsius. The dramatic landscape of Niigata inspires Snow Peak products and still serves as home to Snow Peak’s Global Headquarters today. 

Snow Peak now presents a new range of outdoor essentials paying tribute to their roots. Featuring indoor & outdoor furniture, cooking utensils and ripstop tents suitable for all seasons.

Land Lock Tent

With plenty of room for the whole family, relax easily with the Snow Peak Landlock shelter. This sturdy, and easy to assemble shelter provides tremendous value with a spacious living area, private inner tent, and two expandable shade panels (with the addition of two Upright poles) on opposite sides to help you stay cool and comfortable all throughout the hot camping season.

Field Barista Coffee Dripper

Perfect for cafe aficionados unwilling to compromise the quality of that first cup of coffee in the morning no matter where their adventures take them. The Field Barista Coffee Drip disassembles into six separate pieces that can easily be stowed in the accompanying travel case. Inspired by traditional pour over coffee drippers, our new cone shaped drip allows for a finer ground to be used and prevents the disaster of collapsing you filter in the wild. 

Camp Mittens

The Campers Mitten is the versatile glove for both indoor and outdoor use. The lobster claw shape design gives you the dexterity with small items around the kitchen, while the leather material is durable and fire resistant allowing you to handle hot pots, charcoal, and firewood around the campfire. Two mittens included.

Hard Rock Cooler 40Qt

Introducing the Hard Rock Cooler. A new collaboration in partnership with renowned US manufacturer Grizzly Coolers. It combines their time tested design with our signature aesthetic blending the very best of Japanese and American outdoor style in one tough as nails package.

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