Puma Münster – Built For The City

Opting for PUMA’s renowned combination of suede and rubber soles, the Münster is a real throwback with bags of character. With a similar look to the renowned OG Puma suede silhouette trainers, the Münsters’ boast subtle differences as all limited releases from the brand to date have done…


The trainers take their name from the German independent city of Münster. The small town is located in the most northern region of North Rhine-Westphalia and is considered the cultural centre of the Westphalia region. Despite the name itself originating from the Greek word for monastery, the town boasts a rich history throughout WWII with it being heavily garrisoned & five large complexes of barracks now feature as a tourist point.

Today, Munster is more commonly known as the cycling hub of Germany. The city features an extensive network for bicycles including the popular “Promenade” which encircles Münster’s city centre. This area is completely blocked off to vehicles to encourage favourably towards walking or cycling. This city influence can be seen throughout the Puma Munsters’, most notably with the rubber outsoles – the sole of choice for many city commuters and trekkers.


Like plenty of PUMA shoes from over the years they share the classic suede upper and leather form stripe, with a very distinctive gold stamped block style lettering. The mid-sole has a very unique, bumpy moulded form and a completely smooth outer-sole, with many believing it is a reference to the American cheese ‘Muenster’, which shares the same unique texture. It’s also the same as which is seen on the Te-Ku model, suggesting it was meant for use on Tennis courts as well as city commuting.

The low-cut trainers pay homage to Puma’s roots with brushed suede uppers as the iconic green woven branding to the tongue. White contrasting can be seen throughout via the infamous puma side stripe, laces and contrast stitching – another favourite of previous notable exclusives from the German brand.

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