The Story Behind Sergio Tacchini – A Brief History

The brand began with the decorated Italian tennis player, Sergio Tacchini. In 1955 he became a professional tennis player at just 17 years old before going on to become Italian Champion in 1960. He took another tittle in doubles in 67/68 which is one year after he founded the Brand Sandys SPA – which he renamed to be the brand we know and love today, Sergio Tacchini.

Brand History

The initial goal from the outset was to create elegant and stylist tenniswear that Sergio himself could wear. At a time when white dominated all players’ clothes he wanted to experiment with different colours and fabrics to stand out amongst his main competitors at the time – Fila & Nike.

During the 70’s and 80’s Sergio Tacchini became an indisputable leader on the professional tennis world. Worn by the most prestigious tennis players, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Martina Navratilova, Gabriela Sabatini, Pete Sampras, Pat Cash, Vitas Gerulaitis, Martina Hingis and some others, Sergio Tacchini was present on every big tournament.

As the 90s approached Sergio began dabbling into other sports he felt the brand would suit. The Italian proposed a range of products dedicated to new sectors such as ski, golf and other leisure. Each of these product lines was spread through the brand style and its identity focusing on innovation, elegance and Italian quality that had resulted in their popularity to date.

Throughout this era and moving into the 2000s Sergio tacchini became a mainstay of British menswear. Football fans travelled across Europe and developed an affinity for little know sportswear brands from the continent which features bold logos and designs. The Casual culture cemented the place of Sergio Tacchini in the British Zeitgeist and its placement in iconic films such as The Firm and Breaking Bad.

The most notable athlete the brand have sponsored to date is number 1 ranked in the world Serbian, Novak Djokovic. Novak signed a 10-year deal with Sergio in late 2009, when he had only one Grand Slam to his name. By 2011 the Serbian became world no. 1 and had just had one of the greatest seasons of his career, having won 10 tournaments including Grand Slam tournament victories at the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the US Open.

By late 2012 the Serbians successes made it hard for the Italian brand to keep their word on the incentives promised dependant on performance, such as increasing shares on worldwide revenues generated from his collections. Inevitably the athlete split from the Italian brand after receiving a more lucrative 5-year offer from Japanese brand, Uniqlo.

Sergio Tacchini at Stuarts

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