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Naked & Famous History

Founded in 2008 by Brandon Svarc, the Canadians vision was to create his very own raw denim brand with a reputation and legacy purely built on quality. After working within the fashion PR industry, Brandon had seen first hand how the big fashion labels and names foundations relied on celebrity endorsements and advertising in order to gain traction. He hoped by combining his previous experience in PR and his family, who had been in the garment industry for 65 years, he would be able to grow his brand organically with a more ‘word-of-mouth’ approach.

The philosophy of Naked & Famous was and still is to be known for how the Japanese denim looked, felt and produced – rather than who was wearing them. The idea behind using the raw Japanese denim was to give the customer a blank canvas so the jeans would be distressed naturally over time rather than providing pre-distressed jeans which Brandon compared to “buying a Ferrari covered in rust and scratches”.

Despite the ‘blank canvas’ philosophy, the Canadian still found many other ways to channel his creativity via the jeans in the way of glow-in-the-dark denim, the worlds heaviest denim at 32oz and thermochromic colour changing denim (released in 2013) which changed colour upon heat/cooling applied to the materials.

Naked & Famous, What’s Changed?

Today, Naked & Famous has branched out from solely producing Japanese raw denim jeans and now also provides sweatshirts, cardigans and accessories however raw denim is still what remains their most popular pieces. N&F now how stockists across all of North America, Europe & Australia however all of their products are still produced in Canada and posted out of their headquarters in Montreal, Quebec.

Recently in 2019 the Canadian denim brand opened their very first flagship store in New York. The flagship showcases their entire denim collection as well as unveiling new season items. The store is designed to be an experience for every vaster, walking around surrounded by the beautiful decors curated from the wall of fade (the iconic wall of denim at HQ), real Japanese raw denim floors and Japanese inspired décor everywhere you look.

13 years on Naked & Famous still continue to strive for innovation by developing new fabric types and collaborating with other denim labels, such as The Flat Head & Burgus Plus. On average annually N&F will release up two twenty different fabric types in their denim collections ranging from classic left-hand twill to more unusual styles like their newly released turmeric dyed 12oz jeans, made using turmeric spices.

To showcase these collaborations and outlandish concepts, Naked & Famous also have their iconic denim store Tate & Yoko in Montreal, Canada. Tate & Yoko is the English translation to the Japanese phrase ‘Warp and Weft’ – which refers to the two directions of weaving that goes into production of Japanese denim. Founded in 2011, the store specialises in Japanese heritage apparel & denim which showcases the vintage style production methods and attention to detail in classic raw Japanese denim.

The store has a focus on clothing & footwear produced in Japan, Canada or the USA and showcasing to the top brands of their respected niche, so it made sense for the store collaborated with Naked & Famous to highlight their superior Japanese raw denim collections whilst also being a Canadian born brand.

Naked & Famous Jeans

Naked & Famous denim collections are available in a range of fits and styles, with the most iconic being the ‘Weird Guy’. The other denim variants typically also follow suit with a similar slim-tapered fit & an archetypal five-pocket construction. Here are a couple of the most notable and extravagant Naked & Famous releases to date:

32 Oz Super Heavyweight Weird Guy

After several years of development, in 2012 the 32oz super heavyweight weird guy jeans were released as the worlds heaviest pair of Jeans. The raw denim was sourced from Okayama, Japan using unsanforised materials meaning that no shrinkage or tampering had been applied to the jeans prior to release. This resulted in a very dark tone and uncomfortable fit which was used as a sales strategy, with a statement of ‘guaranteed uncomfortable or your money back’ from Naked & Famous themselves.

Scratch n Sniff

The Naked & Famous scratch and sniff concept was also born in 2012 via the Raspberry Scented Weird Guy jeans. The idea involves scented micro-capsules being coated onto the denim which would slowly release their scent with denim aging and pressure applied. The flavours used since included Mint & Evergreen and Tumeric Selvedge which involved dying the interior weft of the denim with natural turmeric spices.

Naked & Famous Selvedge

The Canadian based denim brand is very exclusive in the UK and is known as a purist denim lovers brand. The company makes fun of other celeb endorsed brands that try to sell jeans for over $300, just because it’s being worn by the latest celeb, hence why the logo is of the “Ideal Blonde women” as a satire of the media and mass culture, signalling Naked & Famous intentions of concentrating only at what they are good at…Denim.

Naked & Famous UK

Sourcing from only the best Japanese denim mills, Naked & Famous Denim have always done things their own way – hand-crafting all their denim in Canada using Japanese Selvedge denim. At Stuarts London we are proudly one of the selected few UK stockists of Naked & Famous gear from chino’s to Selvedge, you can shop all the latest releases from the brand right here.

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