About Good & Well Supply Co

Good & Well Supply Co’s founder Megan McLaughlin started her journey producing sensory handmade soap bars. Before long she decided to put that on hold to fulfil a long wish of hers and explore the landscapes and hidden treasures of the American outdoors. This is where she found her love for the great outdoors and seeked to channel that through a range of sensory candles – Good & Well Supply Co.

Brand Story

On her adventures she slept outdoors in tents across countless national parks across the US, exposing herself to the elements. This is where she found a new appreciation for the sensory experience the true outdoors can provide, something many of us take for granted everyday without realising.

Her mission since was to encapsulate those scents she had experienced into candles, so people could bring those same sensory experiences to their homes. She also wanted to leave a legacy behind her and give back to those same precious environments, so now 10% of profits from each purchase go to Washington’s National Park Fund and the National Park Foundation.


Good & Well Supply Co is committed to keeping as much of their product cycle as close to home as possible – Seattle, Washington. By using materials sourced from within the USA, it allows the brand to have an influence of labour practices and also allows Good & Well Supply to support local farmers and craftsmen.

Every aspect of the sensory soy candles comes from within the US one way or another. The wax is soured from soybeans grown in the US and the wooden balsa wicks are harvested from balsa trees in the US that would of already been deemed dead material, ensuring no excess deforestation occurs. The oils are also made in America, with some being recycled as a waste product from other stages of the production process e.g. separating the soybean matter from its oils.

As well as supporting homegrown talent, by sourcing material and labour locally it also reduces their carbon footprint on the planet. By reducing shipping distances and putting a bigger focus on materials produced with stricter environmental controls, the amount of carbon emitted throughout production is significantly less than the alternative cheaper outsourcing option.

Once more, all candles produced are 100% GMO free, meaning no genetically modified ingredients are used making the candles completely natural and organic. In addition, unlike many other big name candle manufactures there is no lead used at all due to its long term atmospheric lifetime and impact once burned.

Shop at Stuarts

You can now shop these 100% vegan, eco-friendly and recyclable candles here with us at Stuarts London. Whether you are looking for a slow burner for the winter months or a last-minute stocking filler, Good & Well Supply Co will have a candle for your every need. Browse the latest arrivals below.

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