The Best Sock Brands This Christmas

There’s no better stocking filler than a good pair of socks, and here at Stuarts we have you covered. From Japanese born Chup Socks to Scottish inspired Burlington you’ll never be short of ideas for anyone’s stocking this Christmas.

Burlington Socks

Burlington socks are best known for their distinctive Argyle pattern they are one of our best-sellers are Stuarts London and we’re not surprised. Coming in loads of different colours and patterns that are an easy way to add an extra splash of colour to brighten up any outfit whether down the golf course or for daily wear.

From London to Lincoln, Burlington Men’s socks are the ultimate brand delivery in comfort, style and quality in men’s socks no matter where you are in the world. Distinguishable by their classic argyle diamond pattern, the Burlington Socks men’s range in lengths and materials in both subtle and discreet designs.

Chup Socks

Born in 2009, Chup socks are inspired by the patterns of various indigenous tribes from around the globe. Each sock is woven to the highest quality through a stocking frame machine, whilst paying utmost care and attention to details on colour and design. All designs are original and executed with the most beautiful selection of yarns available. Their aim is to design high quality, yet comfortable socks, without compromising the intricate patterns of each style.

The machines used are a traditional low gauge stocking frame machine, which on average, a single machine only produces 20-25 pairs a day. Chup uses master craftsman that carefully inspect all finished products, to guarantee socks manufactured to an impeccable quality.

Anonymous ISM

The name of the brand could not be more fitting. Since their inception some time in the 90s, the brand has been quite difficult to pin down, preferring to let the quality of their product do the talking, rather than through self-promotion. Among those on the noble quest for the perfect sock, Anonymous Ism seem to repeatedly have their name brought up – and with good reason. The high-quality craftsmanship of the socks is down to the use of a very rare and special machine.

Similar to the machines that Japanese denim brands popularised several years ago, Anonymous Ism use a vintage stocking frame machine from the 1970s to make their socks. This unique process produces a quality finish that cannot be reproduced by other means. Due to the slower and more intentional process, they can only produce around 70 pairs of socks per day and at the of production, every pair is quality controlled and finished with hand-stitched detail to reinforce the toe.

Our buyers here at Stuarts have built our Christmas gift guide, carefully selecting each and every item that they feel will make a great gift this year. The gift gift has also been separated into sections to not only help you shop with ease, but also so you can find that perfect gift based exactly on what you are looking for. Check out the 2021 Stuarts Christmas Gift Guide here:

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