Alife x Timberland

Founded in 1999, Alife is a New York born streetwear and culture brand that are now also a retailer for men’s clothing. The brand was founded by four friends – Arnaud Delecolle, Tony Arcabascio, Tammy Brainard and Rob Cristofaro. The idea and main purpose of the brand was to fill a void of “creativity in New York” – which they believed was lacking at the time.

About Alfie

The four purchased a space on Manhattans Orchard Street with the idea being that premises would be the creative workshop. The primary motivation was to enable them to spread their love of art, lifestyle and quality through a brand they could monetise to a broader audience. The clothing and merchandise Alife produced was quickly becoming popular amongst the streetwear scene and as a result later spawned into a clothing brand.

The name of the brand came up from the idea of bringing an inanimate object to life, or infusing hype into a product. The brand gave birth to a new era of independent retailers which became a distribution channel that allowed lots of young upcoming brands to have a place to sell their goods. Many other streetwear brands and retailers tried to imitate this new business model in New York however Alife was known as the underground streetwear spot.

About Timberland

Born in 1952, the love for the great outdoors has always been at the forefront of Timberlands story since day 1. It all started with Nathan Swartz, a young Ukrainian who immigrated to the United States and began his journey as an apprentice shoe maker at Abington Shoe Company. He slowly but surely worked his way up through the ranks before investing into company shares and later going on to buy out his partner and bringing his two sons into the business.

Not long after the family business moved to a small corner of New England, an area renowned for its majestic mountain ranges, rocky shorelines, dense forests, rivers and lakes. This area was also subject to every and any type of weather including blizzards, rainstorms and sub zero winter temperatures. It was therefore the ideal testing ground for the iconic waterproof ‘Timberland’ boots – born in 1973.

Thanks to a new innovative injection moulding technique used on the boots which had not been seen before, the boots were rugged, well-crated and could withstand the treacherous weather conditions of New Hampshire. The Timberland boots set the benchmark across the footwear industry, being the boot of choice for hikers, tradesman and walkers who wanted reliable yet a stylish pair of boots. Thanks to the success of the boots, Abington Shoe Company was renamed to Timberland in 1978.

Alife x Timberland, 7.5 Premium Boot

The two brands are now collaborating on two colourways of the 7.5 inch boots to marry together streetwear style with rugged dependability. The boots are crafted from premium leather sourced from silver rated sustainable tanneries. This tannery certificate classifies the production of the shoes based on energy use, waste production and water treatment.

The boot features a comfortable double collar, PrimaLoft® insulation for warmth and a Vibram® rubber outsole for enhanced grip and durability. These boots also boast a seam-sealed waterproof construction, meaning during even the most torrential downpours water wont seep through any weak spots of a typical boot, such as the stitching and outer seams. The tongues and zipper are also treated with durable water resistant coatings to further deter any water entry into the internal waterproof and breathable membrane.

Alfie x Timberland at Stuarts London

The Alife x Timberland 7.5 inch boots are available online and in-store now, perfect for the inevitable cold and wet winter weather around the corner.

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