Ma.Strum: Form, Fabric, And Function

About Ma.Strum, Brand History

Ma.Strum is a brand who constantly strive for innovation. With one eye firmly planted on the the right now and even the future – no one collection is the same. Specialising in technical outerwear, the UK based brand is looking to break convention with their innovative, function-driven pieces. Each design is the result of extensive research and development resulting in garments that explore, in particular, how the wearer engages with the garment and the garment’s protective abilities. Started in 2010 originally as a partnership with the Ma.Strum team and Italian brand Massimo Osti Archive. The Ma.Strum team learnt much from Massimo Osti, but sought independence as a complete brand.

In 2014 realised their independence with a corresponding move to the UK headed by CEO and Owner John Sharp. Seeing the potential and talent of the team and the brand as a whole, wanted to really explore the full possibilities of the brand as an independent. With an ethos of ‘product first’ – focusing specifically on form and function first but balancing that utilitarian aspect with beautiful design. Often, each garment within the range will serve a particular function – building a collection that covers a wide selection of needs for the wearer.

What Makes Ma.Strum Special?

With a meticulous approach to everything they do, down to the type of cotton used in a t-shirt and the printing techniques implemented. Not settling for anything less than ground-breaking – they want their people to be blown away by the quality of the garments they produce. With such a methodical approach to design, every garment is genuinely special. Here at Stuarts London we delighted to be stocking this very exciting brand coming out of the UK and we think you’ll be just as impressed as we are.

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