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Finding decent socks can prove to be a surprisingly challenging task. There’s a lot to consider. Not only does a good sock need be comfortable and warm, but then you’ve got the additional challenge of finding something that looks good too. There are plenty of options for rubbish socks out there. And then there are the alright ones. But finding socks whose build quality matches that of your favourite heritage brands can be tricky. Luckily, here at Stuarts London we’ve made it easy for you. Enter Anonymous Ism – the Japanese sock specialist who’ve gained widespread appeal for their meticulously crafted, and amazingly comfortable socks.


The name of the brand could not be more fitting. Since their inception some time in the 90s, the brand has been quite difficult to pin down, preferring to let the quality of their product do the talking, rather than through self-promotion. Among those on the noble quest for the perfect sock, Anonymous Ism seem to repeatedly have their name brought up – and with good reason. The high-quality of the socks is down to the use of a very rare and special machine. Similar to the machines that Japanese denim brands popularised several years ago, Anonymous Ism use a vintage stocking frame machine from the 1970s to make their socks. This unique process produces a quality finish that cannot be reproduced by other means. Due to the slower and more intentional process, they can only produce around 70 pairs of socks per day and at the of production, every pair is quality controlled and finished with hand-stitched detail to reinforce the toe.


Another draw of these socks is the range of interesting designs on offer. Some of the designs include vintage-inspired American style ‘tube socks’ with a contrasting colour stripe. They also make some pretty amazing tie-dyed socks all of which have been hand-dyed making each pair unique. Others include a herringbone design, fair isle weave, and a slub-weave sock made with similar techniques used to achieve the same effect in denim. Speaking of denim, the Japanese clothiers are known as some of the most specialised in the use of indigo dye in the world. This craftsmanship applies also to Anonymous Ism’s indigo-dyed socks which have become a firm favourite among denim fans as they go very well with indigo-dyed denim.


A variety of materials are implemented to achieve this unique look. Each style is slightly different depending on what they want to achieve with the sock – it can be a heavier weave, thicker sock with a higher wool count for winter, or a sock with more cotton used for breathability in lighter socks. The socks are masterfully blended to create a comfortable sock, that offers support to your foot and look great. These socks can easily add a pop of colour and texture to any outfit. A simple white tee and pair of raw denim jeans can be given colour and texture with the addition of a tie-dyed sock and trainers. We’re really stoked to be getting these in and we have a feeling you’re going like them too.

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