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We are proud to be celebrating another season of Snow Peak here at Stuarts. For the third season of Snow Peak, the products and apparel will not disappoint. The sheer design behind each and every piece is incredible and we are looking forward to it landing both in store and online. Last week, the buying team at Stuarts was lucky enough to visit the new HQ for Snow Peak. In the depths of the countryside, the Snow Peak building was perfectly hidden away from the noise. Full of character and history, the whole building clearly encompassed their unique brand ethos and identity. Awaiting the Stuarts team was the full SS22 preview collection filled with new innovative designs, classic core lines and bold new concepts.

innovative designs, classic core lines and new concepts

Before the team could get too comfortable with their coffees, served in the classic Snow Peak mug, a picturesque walk awaited them to see the tents in their natural habitat, the great outdoors. With some close encounters with some adders, the team descended down fields of yellow to reach the impressive tents set up in the valley. All three tents are designed to give the camper not only quality performance camping, but they are also designed to be flexible to meet your adventures. Each one can be set up in different styles – so whether you want to sleep more people or you want to open it up to the clean air, it will just require you to use the modular design to change the silhouettes. Each tent truly provides you with that structural base so you can go off exploring or hiking knowing you can rest easy on your return. Seeing all three tents up together was impressive and you really got a sense of the Snow Peak way of life and the values they hold within all their products. The tents also all felt spacious, strong & all offered a clean aesthetic mixed with a classic style. Emily from Snow Peak, talked us through the plans for the brands future and how their core aim of connecting people to nature was at the heart of everything they do.

flexible to meet your adventures

Connecting people to nature

Snow Peak Tents

In true Snow Peak understated but impressive fashion, Snow Peak flags lit the way for us. Each carefully carved corner of the valley took us to another tent, all of which just as impressive as the last. After the short but steep hike back to the main showroom, we finally got to walk around the apparel, accessories and equipment


The rustic oak beams stood proudly over the SS22 collection and pops of green plants made you feel that sense of letting the outdoors in. Beautifully presented, the apparel hung on rails each coordinated to the Snow Peak Story. Each item has such a complex detailing behind it, but the way it is presented truly makes it simple, relatable and clever. Emily was able to show us each and every piece whilst telling us not only this design genius behind it but also the story the designers had in mind when designing. It was great to hear how these Snow Peak stories are achieved through the art of design. One of the most impressive collections in our opinion was the classic Japanese style with an element of that army gym wear colliding together to create a piece of apparel that was not only expertly crafted for comfort, but with the Snow Peak way of life in each stitch.

Expertly crafted for comfort with the Snow Peak way of life in each stitch

Ben, the head buyer at Stuarts, has said that in terms of outdoor gear and apparel from Snow Peak, this will be our best season yet. With an array of accessories arriving from bags to hats, we are very excited to showcase them instore and online for the SS22 collection. Ben has also said how he is very excited with how big the collection is and the sheer range we have coming in – we are covering all angles, with all the must have and classic Snow Peak products. Whilst we were sizing up the latest smocks, a delivery even arrived straight from Japan, inside another one of their latest innovations that is in the pipeline. It was great to see how the Snow Peak ethos is communicated with all their products and we really feel that it is a testament to the brand.

in terms of outdoor gear and apparel from Snow Peak, this will be our best season yet

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