The Snow Peak Fal Pro Air Tent : A Closer Look

With the number of tents out there on the market choosing the right tent for you can seem a daunting task and its not something you want to rush into. Snow Peak have different ranges of tents to suit all campers whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro.

Today we wanted to talk about Snow Peak’s Adventure Pro range. Ultralightweight, compact, durable and suitable for all seasons these tents are designed mainly for backpackers or those who want to save weight and space out on the trail without skimping on quality.

The Fal Pro. Air

Snow Peak like to cater for every possible situation when you’re out in the wild so you always feel prepared and at home wherever you are. The Fal Pro. Air is their solution for those who like to stay on the move and be able to set up and pack away quickly with minimal fuss. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this incredible tent.

Fal Pro air outside image


Flysheet20D Silicon Polyester Mini Ripstop · PU coating water pressure 1,500mm
Inner Tent20D Polyester Mini Ripstop
Tent Floor30D Nylon Ripstop · PU coating water pressure 1,500mm
PolesUltra Light Duralumin A7001
Weight2.23 kg
DimensionsL 210 × W 210 × H 113 cm 
Contents IncludeTent, Fly Sheet, Long Pole(X2), Duralumin Pegs, Rope With Stoppers, Seam Sealant, Pole Case, Peg Case, Carrying Case, Instruction Manual
Size Stowed 17 x 43 cm (main case), 13 x 51 cm (frame case)
Tent Size
Sleeping Capacity4

Main Benefits


Coming in at 2.23kg the Fal Pro. air 4 Tent is incredibly lightweight for being a 4 person tent when you consider there are there are tents on the market half the size of this one that are marketed as ultralightweight but weigh around the same or even more.

Quick And Easy Setup

The Fal Pro. Air uses a two-pole system that means setting it up couldn’t be easier. Snow Peak claim that the tent can be set up in under a minute which is a huge advantage for those who live in a country with unpredictable weather!

Small Pack Size

The tent packs down nice and small making it perfect for stowing away in your backpack and combined with its lightweight build means its ideal for a backpacking trip.


Like all of Snow Peak’s products, durability is always a top priority for the brand. They want you to use and enjoy their products for as long as possible. With many tents that try to cut weight as much a possible, it can happen that the durability of the materials is sacrificed – this is not the case with the Fal Pro. air. The tent perfectly balances durability with weight-saving. This is achieved through the use of 20D Silicon Polyester Mini Ripstop a material that’s pretty legendary in the backpacking world known for its great strength-to-weight ratio.

Fal Pro Air placed on the grass

Waterproof Rating

The Fal Pro Air Ultralight Tent has a waterproof rating of hydrostatic head rating of 1,500mm which is more than adequate for any conditions that you’ll likely encounter even in heavy rain. The tent floor is also PU-coated for extra protection.

Inside of the Fal Pro Air

Design And Setup

As a four-season tent, the Fal Pro. air 4 has two layers – the inner tent and the fly sheet. Both sections can be used separately or together. For the more adventurous and or on warmer evenings use the flysheet as a stand-alone shelter. It also works great for fishermen who want an area of shade without the heat that comes from being inside a tent.

The two layers used together give you a full 4 season setup that will protect you from pretty much anything the weather can throw at you. With 113cm in height when fully assembled, the tent gives you plenty of headroom while keeping the profile low. The colour also makes the tent ideal for wild camping – making sure to blend in with the surroundings and the quick assembly makes it a perfect option for leaving no trace.


  1. Lay out flysheet to build outer shelter.
  2. Thread the two poles through sleeves.
  3. Secure the pole to the end sleeve.
  4. Cint outer flysheet taunt.
  5. Secure poles with velcro.
  6. Completed setup.

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